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Talking Freaky Without The Freakout

| Related | April 18, 2017

(I take an elective of psychology at college and some of the reading is from a book of collected essays on random subjects. One article is about the difficulty of polling college students on their parents’ sexual behavior. It seems college students will go into excruciating details about their own sexual activities, but balk at even considering their own parents as sexual. (Some were certain their parents never had sex at all… despite the clear ontological problem with that.) I am explaining the article to my mom. I’m male.)

Mom: “So how often do you think your father and I do it?”

Me: “Well, the article says typical is 3-4 times a week for your generation, so I’ll just guess that.” *pause for her to say something* “Well, am I right?”

Mom: *smiling* “I guess you’ll never know.”

(Well, at least she and I could talk about it without freaking out.)

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