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Talkin’ Tomato Time

, , , | Right | October 9, 2018

(At the cafe where I work, the food line is right behind the register. Customers can see the employees take their food out of the toaster and finish preparing it.)

Customer: *runs up to counter* “I forgot to say if there’s tomato on that I don’t want it!”

Me: “Tomato does come on that sandwich but I’ll tell him to leave it off.” *turning to my foodline worker, who just pulled the sandwich from the toaster* “[Coworker], she doesn’t want the tomato on that!”

Coworker: “Gotcha!”

Customer: *shooting a look of disgust from [Coworker] to me* “Nuh-uh! NUH-UH! Nobody talks over my food! I want a refund! Y’all nasty!”

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