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Talk About Jumping To Conclusions

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My coworker and I deliver building supplies to their particular sites. We stop on the road outside of our destination. The site itself has shut the doors off to outsiders, although there are several signs up. On this occasion, I am driving the vehicle and I pull over on the road opposite, as there is no immediate access to the site.

Almost as soon as my coworker pulls the van’s sliding door open I hear him screaming in pain. I come out to see a woman spraying what appears to be mace into his eyes.

Woman: “Get away from me, RAPIST!”

She continues to spray him. I storm up and demand to know what is going on, but she then focuses her attention on me. The mace gets into my eyes and I fall to my knees, almost blind. I feel something heavy whack me in the face and I hear the woman running away, screaming her lungs out.

I stumble around, trying to find the door.

Me: “Call 911!”

There was no need. Some of the builders had heard the commotion and ran to help us. It turned out that the woman had hit me with a tree branch. Luckily, she had whacked me rather than pierced me, or I don’t know what I would have done. My coworker said that all he had done was open the sliding door. He hadn’t even had time to get out before the woman had attacked him. We never saw that woman again.

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