Tali-Banning Interruptions

| Learning | June 29, 2014

(Our English class has to give speeches as a famous person. People like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Winston Churchill are popular. My friend has not prepared.)

Friend: “Okay, I’ll be doing President Obama!”

Class: “…”

Friend: “Well, I killed Osama Bin Laden!”

Me: “Actually, that’s nothing to boast about. With a clear plan, Seal Team Six managed to crash one helicopter, losing the stealth. Then they proceeded to fire weapons in the crowded city of Abbottabad. After this, they gathered some files, and ran off with their tails between their legs. Did I mention that they also blew up the house with information in it? Apparently, If America can’t have information to fight the war on terrorism, nobody can. America managed to evade the very force trying to help them, the Pakistani Military, scare a whole town, and destroy crucial information. They managed to kill a figurehead so another could pop up in his place. I think I’m done. Continue.”

Friend: “Err… I set up ObamaCare!”

Me: “First, ObamaCare’s website—”

Teacher: “Okay [My Name], Stand down! [Friend], Sit down.”

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