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Tales Of The Tablet: A Trilogy

, , , , , | Right | January 10, 2020

I work as a third-level caseworker for a newspaper agency. My special field of cases is people who made a two-year contract for a digital subscription, getting a free or highly discounted tablet with it.

I have dealt with every colour of crazy so far, but there are some people who just stick in my mind because they are so dumb, mean, or entitled. I have nothing against inexperienced or even stupid users; just those who make it everybody else’s problem and fault but their own make me angry.

One guy demanded a new iPad as he had thrown the first one on a hard floor in a fit of rage. That’s what he said; I am pretty sure it fell due to him being clumsy, old, or just unlucky, but he was d***** to just admit it and get it repaired. He kept writing emails which got ruder and ruder as he went, claiming we made the device faulty just to enrage him to destroy it, as companies do; you all know it. He was one of many “it’s your fault I’m too dumb” cases but took the cake with his idiocy. He now has a two-year contract to pay with no device to use it.

One woman was sent an iPad twice due to a shipping mistake and just sent us 100€ by mail — literally to my desk — combined with a written statement thanking us for our generosity and declaring this a legal purchase — in her mind. Mind you, we contacted her right away and told her to just not accept the package, which she actively declined. The legal followup resulted in her being sentenced to pay for it. Our lawyer told me she made such a scene and that she got multiple fines for disrupting court, cursing the judge, and never accepting that she was in the wrong that it had cost her around 2000€ in fines.

Then, there was the guy whose mother ordered multiple contracts from different companies in his name after he moved out to go to university. He had to either pay about 300€ in fees for all of them or go to court with her over it. He sent us emails proving he did live elsewhere, the shipping information and signature upon receiving did differ a lot, and it seemed genuine. It would not have been as memorable, had his mother not written us an email, as well, telling us basically to tell him to move back home, as all this clearly showed that he was not fit to make a living on his own. I am happy to say he went to take legal actions rather than moving back home, but I never heard the end of it.

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