Talentless Pool

| Wisconsin, USA | Right | July 22, 2010

(A customer approaches the front desk.)

Customer: “Can I get a large gauze and band aid? And maybe some ointment as well?”

Me: “What happened?”

Customer: “My son swam into the pool wall, and he cut his head open.”

Me: “Is he okay?”

Customer: “Yeah, just bleeding. He’s so used to swimming in the ocean with no walls. Poor thing.”

Me: “How old is your son?”

Customer: “19.”

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  • Alison Steiner

    Okay so why is the age relevant? Is the writer suggesting parents stop being parents after kid is 18? I am 30 and my parents still care about me and would hug me and bandage my injuries. Good parents never stop parenting their child

    • Dsru Bin

      I think it’s more of a case of you would expect a child to just swim into a wall at speed, not an adult.