This Tale Is Not A Fabrication

, , , | Right | March 26, 2018

(A man comes in, somewhat agitated, asking for an immense amount of royal blue fabric.)

Owner: “Well, the cheapest fabrics we have are over here.”

Customer: “No, those aren’t right. I need a really deep, royal blue.”

Owner: “Well, there’s this one.” *points to a nice but somewhat expensive fabric*

Customer: “Great, I’ll take it! Fifty meters, please.”

Owner: “But I’ve not told you how much it costs yet!”

Customer: “As long as it’s in stock, I don’t care.”

Owner: “But what if I said it was twenty-five pounds per meter?”

Customer: “All right.” *gets out credit card*

Owner: “Well, we’re Brick Lane, not Park Lane, so we don’t have fancy prices. Don’t worry; it’s eight pounds per meter.”

(The customer then pays, and as his fabric is being brought out the owner says:)

Owner: “Would you really have paid twenty-five pounds per meter? That’s around thirteen thousand pounds!”

Customer: “Yep, it is.”

Owner: “You must be very rich!”

Customer: “Well, no, I’m not rich, but just around the corner I’ve got a film crew, and they’ve all got their salaries, and my delivery of background fabric didn’t show up, so I’d have spent more than that in paying them through the delay.”

(By this time the fabric is ready, and the customer takes it and leaves. As he does:)

Owner: “Well, fair enough! Good luck with the filming!”

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