Taking You To Account

| Working | October 27, 2016

(My colleague looks frustrated. This is not unusual, but I ask what is happening.)

Colleague: “Oh, I’ve got to fill in this expenses claim for [Conference] in Idaho. It’s funded by [Organiser], not [Company], so there’s this form I’m not used to.”

Me: “Remember, you’ll need your [International Bank Account] Number as it’s international…”

Colleague: “S***. F*** f*** f*** f*** f***.” *pause* “Thank you, [My Name]. You’re quite right. I’d forgotten about that.” *pause* “It’s just so frustrating. It’s hard enough remembering what I’ve spent and where the receipts are the morning after…”

Me: *smiling* “The morning after the night before?”

Colleague: *also smiling* “Shut up before I hit you.”

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