Taking You On A Journey Of Crazy Thought Processes

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(I need to travel down from Scotland to the south of England for a meeting. I don’t know how to drive so I have requested a train be booked for there and back. I check online and send the journey I would like booked to the expenses department. The morning after, I receive the confirmation and immediately call them.)

Me: “I’ve been booked on a journey for a meeting tomorrow at [Location]. This isn’t going to work. Could I please be booked on the route I sent you?”

Expenses: *snotty* “What’s wrong with what we’ve booked?”

Me: “Well, it requires me to go down the east coast, while both train stations are on the west. It also says I will be arriving at 16:43.”

Expenses: “So?”

Me: “My meeting ends at 14:00.”


Me: “The meeting will have ended before I even get there.”

Expenses: “That—”

Me: “Also, you have my return booked for 17:00, at a station I see is over an hour away.”

Expenses: “It’s only a couple of minutes driving!”

Me: “I don’t drive. But what I’m really trying to get at is that you’ve booked me on a trip that will take over twice as long to get there, and booked me on a return fifteen minutes later. Not only will I have missed my meeting, but the entire journey will have been for nothing other than being in the country for a quarter of an hour…”

Expenses: “Your meeting was deemed non-essential by [Manager I’ve never heard of], so it is acceptable for you to be late, and the journey you have been put on was the cheapest available.”

Me: “I’m not going to be late; I’m not going to be attending it at all. And this journey isn’t the cheapest available.”

Expenses: “I can assure you it is.”

Me: “The journey I sent you was nearly £50 cheaper than the price listed in the confirmation. I checked it again before calling, and it’s even cheaper now, even if I go first class!”

Expenses: “There is nothing more I can do. You have been booked on this journey. Goodbye.” *hangs up*

(I was more than livid. I decided to check out the manager she mentioned; I found she was a fleet coordinator who had nothing to do with employee expenses. After contacting her, she confirmed she had not been in contact with expenses regarding my trip, and didn’t even know the person I dealt with. I spoke with my manager, who escalated it to his, who is a regional director. Everything was sorted out within an hour and I attended my meeting with no issues. The expenses woman I dealt is now sending out the monthly internal magazine, and as far as I can tell, it is the only thing she does.)

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