Taking Their Marriage In Different Direction

| Related | March 15, 2015

(My family is driving to a relative’s house. I’m in the back with my mom, my dad is driving, and my uncle is in the passenger’s seat. The GPS is a British woman’s voice, calling out directions in a residential area.)

GPS: “Turn left at Spooner Street. Re-calculating. Turn right at French St and make another right.”

(My dad partially knew the way, but looks at the GPS to make sure.)

Mom: “He doesn’t even listen to me when we’re driving. I’m shocked when he does listen to the GPS.”

Dad: “I just don’t listen to her because it’s sexy when she’s gets mad and recalculates all the time.”

Me: “Dad… a GPS? Seriously? I don’t know who you are or why I’m in this car with you.”

Dad: “Someday when you’re married, you’ll understand.”

(I looked at my mom who was nodding and she whispered that she switches to the male voice on the GPS when my dad isn’t around.)

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