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Taking The Red Eye

| Related | January 28, 2014

(I am 12 years old. My family is flying home after a vacation. Our hotel has an arcade in it, with tickets to exchange for prizes. I get just enough to get a toy eye that rolls around and will always look up. My mom tells me to not take it out on the plane, but I figure they’ll never know since our seats aren’t next each other. Unfortunately, it slips out of my hands and rolls off somewhere. My mom notices me fidgeting a little seeing if I can find it.)

Mom: “What’s wrong?”

Me: “I dropped my eye!”

Mom: “I told you not to take it out!”

(The passengers next to me start to look sick. I haven’t looked at them yet, so they seem to think it’s like a glass eye. You could also hear murmurs from the front of the plane of people discussing how someone can lose their eye. The flight attendant comes over.)

Flight Attendant: “Is there something wrong?”

Me: “I lost my eye!”

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