Taking The Number Two Spot

, , , , , | Friendly | January 29, 2019

(The apartment I live in with my roommate only has one parking space per unit out front with extra parking in the back lot. We devised a system early on that the two of us would alternate who parks in the front every week. This week is my turn to park in the back lot, but my roommate comes home to find me in the front spot.)

Roommate: “You’re parked in the front?”

Me: “Oh! Yeah, sorry. I got busy and forgot to move. I have a good reason, though, I swear!”

Roommate: “What’s the reason?”

Me: “I needed to poop really badly.”

Roommate: “Did you make it?”

Me: “YES.”

Roommate: “Oh, well, that’s fine, then.”

(My roommate then went about his evening as if nothing had happened. It’s good to live with understanding people!)

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