Taking The Lead In Abusing Power

, , , | Working | September 18, 2019

(Our lead cashier has only been at the store a few weeks longer than I have, but acts like she’s far superior to everyone else there. After a couple of months, it’s become apparent that she’s singling me out. Any time I leave the front, whether for a break or for other parts of my job, she calls over the radio and harasses me about where I am and what I’m doing. She also refuses to call me by my nickname, which I go by for personal reasons. There’s a lot of other things she does to me specifically, and I finally get tired of it. I find the store manager and we go into her office for a meeting. I explain everything that’s happened.)

Manager: “I’ve somewhat noticed her calling you out more, but I’ve assumed it’s just been busy up front and you forgot to tell her where you went.”

Me: “No, I always tell her what I’m doing before I leave. She always says I don’t, though.”

Manager: “Okay, I’ll talk to her—”

(As if on cue, the lead cashier gets on the radio.)

Lead: “[My Name], where are you?! You can’t run off every time the line goes down!”

Manager: *pause* “Do you want to take your break now?”

(The lead cashier got written up after refusing to stop harassing me. The manager also made sure to schedule me for when the lead wasn’t working, or in a separate department.)

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