Taking Shots At Your Salad

| Working | March 5, 2015

(I’m at a deli that seems pretty upscale and neat.)

Me: “Can I have a ham sub with mayo and lettuce on whole wheat? Also, a chicken salad.”

Worker: “Okay.”

(The worker processes my order, and puts something on the counter. It looks like some kind of sauce in one of those condiment cups.)

Worker: “Okay, here is your order. Enjoy!”

Me: “Okay, I see my sub, but where’s my chicken salad?”

Worker: “Here it is!”

Me: “That’s… a salad? It’s in a condiment cup!”

(The condiment cup is no bigger than a shot glass, so it was really tiny!)

Worker: “It IS your salad, ma’am. Look, see? The label.”

(There’s a label underneath the cup, with ‘chicken salad’ printed there.)

Me: “Um, never mind, then. Two dollars, really?” *walks away*

(My husband laughed when I told him about my tiny chicken salad. A few years later after that, that place belly-flopped and is now a parking lot.)

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