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Taking Complaining To Another Level

, , , | Right | August 26, 2021

We sell software that is received digitally. The customer purchases it themselves through our webstore by choosing the correct edition based on the list of features for each one. Then, they send me an email.

Customer: “I purchased the [Level 1] plan believing it would have the [Level 2] feature. When I bought it, none of the editions showed it in their list, so I thought they all had it. Now, I see that the feature is listed in the [Level 2] plan. You guys changed this after I purchased it and my colleagues agreed. How are you going to fix this since you obviously falsified information?”

Me: “I can assure you, this feature has always been included in the [Level 2] plan. The list of features is the same as it was when we launched the new website in 2018, as you can see from this archived screenshot.”

I insert a snapshot from Wayback Machine for September 25, 2018, clearly showing the feature listed in the [Level 2] plan.

Me: “You must have missed it. If you need to use this feature, you will need to upgrade.”

Without another word, the customer upgraded.