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Taking Cold Comfort In Your Relationship

| Romantic | February 13, 2013

(About a year ago, our comforter ripped in the wash and had to be thrown out. Since then, we’ve been sleeping with a heavy blanket on the bed. Up until this point, our opposite tastes have prevented us from agreeing on a comforter set. I’ve been trying furiously to find one because my husband is a HUGE cover hog and this winter has been miserable for me.)

Husband: “I want you to pick out your favorite comforter set and send me a link.”

(Valentine’s Day is next week and even though it would be a gift to me, I pick out a set that I really like and that I think he would tolerate. I email it to him.)

Husband: *chuckles* “This is a test, isn’t it?”

Me: *frown*

Husband: “REALLY?!”

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