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Taking Both The Mourning And Graveyard Shift

| Working | December 2, 2013

(I am working behind the counter when I see my boss come up to me.)

Boss: “Where’s [Coworker]? She’s supposed to be in today.”

Me: “I think she’s at her grandma’s funeral.”

Boss: “Well, she should come in anyway. Where is she by the way?”

Me: “She’s in Hollywood, Florida. It’s going to be a long car trip back, unless she takes a plane. And anyway, she’s at a FUNERAL.”

Boss: “I didn’t go to MY grandma’s funeral when she died. I don’t see why SHE should.”

(I leave it at that. When my coworker comes back two days later, she walks up to my counter, in her uniform, tired, worn out, red-faced. We begin talking when my boss storms over.)

Boss: “[Coworker!] You lazy, f****** b****!”

(My boss slams his hand down on the glass counter, making us, a nearby worker, and even customers jump.)

Boss: “Why the h*** didn’t you come in on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!?”

Coworker: “I had to go to Grandma’s funeral!”

Boss: “That’s no excuse! While you went off and sunned yourself in Los Angeles, we were working hard trying to get ready for the Christmas sale!”

Me: “One, she was at her GRANDMA’S funeral! The woman she looked up to! Two, I said Hollywood, FLORIDA.”

Boss: “Still a hot state. Listen, you stupid girl, you just want time off! Well let me tell you something: if you think you’re getting a secret Santa you’ve got another thing coming!”

(He goes off. My coworker is in tears, but she’s so scared of him she doesn’t dare take time off to recover. I go up to my boss and ask again.)

Me: “Why were you horrible?”

Boss: “It’s her GRANDMA. For God’s sake, she knew the woman was going to die before her! Why get so attached to someone when you know they’ll die before you?”

Me: “You’re just horrible!”

(I see my boss later, talking to another employee. I see [Coworker] is trying to sign herself out for the day when I go over. Then my boss calls me.)

Boss: “[My Name]!”

Me: “What?!”

Boss: “Why is [Coworker] so down? I mean, it’s her GRANDMA! I didn’t cry when mine died and I certainly didn’t go to the funeral. I hadn’t seen her in 20 years and I so wasn’t going to! Anyway, last time I saw her she set her pitbull on me.”

Me: “That’s because [Coworker] LOVED her grandma and her grandma supported her through school, college and getting her new job. She actually liked her!”

Boss: “So… she HASN’T celebrated?”

Me: “[Coworker] definitely HAS NOT! She’s really upset about this and I think you should say sorry.”

(Later, I heard my boss took time off and wouldn’t be coming back until after Christmas. He said he needed time alone.)