Taking All The Fün Out Of It

| Edo. de México, México | Learning | July 19, 2015

(This university offers language lessons to people, even if they are not affiliated with the university itself. We’re taking a German class and the teacher notices that most people have trouble pronouncing the number five(fünf) correctly).

Teacher: “Repeat after me, Fünf.”

Class: “Fünf.”

Teacher: “Now fifty-five. Fünf und fünfzig.”

Class:Fünf und fünfzig.”

Teacher: “Faster! Fünfundfünfzig!”


Teacher: “Now five hundred fifty-five! Fünf hundert fünf und fünfzig!”

(He keeps going this way, adding a five to the number and asking us to repeat faster.)

Teacher: “Now, five million five hundred fifty-five thousand five hundred fifty-five! Fünf—

Classmate: “Was trinken sie?” *what are you drinking?*

(The teacher couldn’t help but laugh with the rest of the class!)

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