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Taking A Vacation From Recess

| Learning | May 22, 2015

(My family is planning to go to Disney World for our first family trip. I’m in the 4th grade, and we’re taking the trip in the fall to avoid the crowds, so I’m missing some school for it. This takes place just before we leave.)

Teacher: “[My Name], you said you’re going to be taking a vacation, right?”

Me: “Yep! We’re going to Disney World!”

Teacher: “How fun! Well, I got together the work we’ll be doing when you’re gone, so you’ll have it for when you get back.”

Me: “Oh, okay!”

(I take the very thick packet of worksheets, not thinking much of it. Over the course of the vacation, I occasionally do a sheet or two, but it remains mostly untouched, as our vacation schedule is very busy. A week later, I’m back at school.)

Teacher: “Welcome back, [My Name]! Did you have a nice trip?”

Me: “It was the best!”

Teacher: “Glad to hear it! Do you have your worksheets for me?”

(I hand him the small pile of papers I’d had time to finish.)

Teacher: “…This isn’t all of the work I gave you.”

Me: “Well, no, but I was busy, and you didn’t say I had to have it all done.”

Teacher: “This is completely unacceptable. You’ve been incredibly irresponsible.”

Me: *getting upset* “But I was on vacation! You never told me it was all due when I got back, and even if you had I wouldn’t have had time to do it!”

Teacher: “There’s no excuse for falling behind like this! You’ll have to stay in for recess until you finish all of this.”

Me: “But… but I’ll just do it at home!”

Teacher: “No, you have to learn your lesson.”

(I cried, but the teacher wouldn’t budge. My parents were livid, but couldn’t get him or the principal to let me do my work at home. I spent two weeks worth of recess finishing the work he gave me – which only proved to me that there was no way I could have finished it all on my vacation!)

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