Taking A Spill

, , | Right | February 8, 2019

(I work at a specialty coffee shop that does not have an automatic espresso machine, and only has one machine as it’s a small place. It takes about a minute per drink to pull your grinds, tamp it, load it up, steam the milk, and pour. It can take even longer if someone gets extra shots, the pull looks like it’s going to taste bad, we give a person fancy latte art, etc. This day is particularly busy and most people understand it is going to be a bit of a wait, but not all of them. We have a nonstop string of drink tickets, usually six to ten tickets up at a time, and some of those tickets have a couple of drinks each. Right in the middle of this, a woman comes in and places her order, and stands directly in the way of the drink hand-off area. I make a couple of drinks for people that came before her.)

Customer: “Is that mine?”

Me: “No, ma’am. Your drink is still about eight or nine drinks away. It’ll be another ten minutes before you’re up, if you want to have a seat.”

(She doesn’t sit down; she continues to stand there blocking traffic. I make another ticket’s drinks.)

Customer: “Is that mine?”

Me: “No, yours is still a bit away; I’ll call your name when it’s up.”

(She continued this a few more times, even trying to walk off with other people’s drinks, but I let her know they weren’t hers. FINALLY, we got to her drink. At this point, she was so upset that when she went to grab the drink, she yanked it towards herself and spilled it everywhere. I made her a new one, and she stood there complaining, left, forgot her keys, came back even more upset, and then finally left for good. I thought it was over until I got a call from my manager who said that this woman wanted me to pay for the cleaning of her Dior purse, which she now had to have sent away for cleaning because I spilled the drink on her. I told my manager what happened, and I did not end up paying for the woman’s purse.)

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