Taking A Calculator Risk

, , , , | Working | October 28, 2018

I work in a casual dining restaurant that has a drive-thru. This means that often people will ask if they can do more than one order per car. I legitimately love when people do this because really it’s the easiest way to split the bill and there is no reason at all to not let them order separately.

Today, I am working and I have already agreed to work an extra half-hour on a nine-hour shift. These three girls come through the drive-thru and they each order some food. At no point do they even ask or discuss doing separate orders. When they get to my window the driver hands me three different debit cards and asks me, “Can you please split this evenly between these three cards?”

I am pretty sure I twitched hard trying not to give them a death glare. The bill is over fifty dollars, an odd number, and my register cannot split a bill.

It can apply a payment to different methods, so I can tell it, “Take six in cash and four on this card,” but it doesn’t have a way to know the amounts without me telling it to.

There is a rule at my work that if you are caught with your smartphone out on the floor you will be fired. Or at least written up. I have no calculator.

I pull out my phone to do the calculation. I see my boss make a beeline for me, and before he even opens his mouth, I say, “They want me to split this bill three ways; one of them is going to get to save a penny.”

Meanwhile, I hit him with my best “I dare you to say something about my phone” face. This supervisor refers to me as “The Face of Drive-Thru,” and I have gotten accolades for my work there.

He nods, says, “Carry on,” and walks away.

I process the payment. The girls are pleasant for the rest of the transaction and don’t complain at all about how long it took, given we are less than 20 minutes from closing down to a skeleton crew and running low on product.

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