Taking A Break From Being A Bad Customer

, , , , | Working | January 8, 2019

(I have just broken up an altercation between a racist, white customer and an employee. The customer left but the employee looks like she wants to cry and curl up into a ball. I leave her with my sister and go looking for the manager. I see an employee on their way into the stock room.)

Me: “Hey, can you grab your manager for me for one second?”

Worker: “Okay.”

(A minute and a half later the manager comes out, looking worried.)

Manager: “You wanted to see me?”

Me: “Yeah, this racist customer was yelling at your employee, [Employee,] and she’s really upset. I think you need to send her home or on break or something.”

(The manager looks visibly relieved.)

Manager: “Oh, good, I was told there was a customer who was mad outside.”

Me: “Uh, no… but you do have a worker who’s upset and about to cry in the cookie aisle.”

Manager: “Yeah, yeah, I’ll get on that. I’m just so glad I’m not going to have another customer yell at me.”

Me: “No, that’s just left to your workers.”

(He flushed and quickly went to assist his worker.)

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