Takes An Army To Stock All Those Children’s Books

, , , | Right | August 5, 2019

(We’ve had two call-offs in our children’s department, meaning I’ve had to pull an employee from another department to help cover it. A customer comes to the office area with a complaint.)

Customer: “I was in the children’s department and every single employee is just standing around doing nothing! No one would help me!”

Me: “We did have some staffing issues. I’m heading that way if you want to show me.”

(We arrive at the children’s department where both employees are frantically ringing through a long line of customers.)

Customer: “See? They are just standing around!”

Me: “They seem to be quite busy.”

Customer: “Not them, the other employees! See?”

(She gestures at another customer who is browsing the racks.)

Me: “That’s not an employee; that’s a customer.”

Customer: “What about him, then?”

Me: “That’s also a customer.”

Customer: “Well, those two employees back there!”

Me: “Those are also customers!”

(The customer snorts, turns on her heel, and starts to walk away before turning back and saying loudly:)

Customer: “I can’t believe there are nine employees in this area and none would help me!”

(Fortunately, I don’t need to payroll all of the “employees” she thought were there.)

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