Takes An Age To Realize

| Related | August 30, 2013

(My mom is 49 and I’m 23. I look my age, but mom looks more like an older sister than like my mother. We are browsing jewelry in a body piercing shop.)

Sales Person: “Anything I can help you ladies find today?”

Me: “My mom here is looking for a new crystal stud for her ear piercing.”

Mom: “Yeah, I’ve been wearing a hoop in it for so long, but I really like the one that my daughter got here, so I think I’d like one like it.”

Sales Person: “YOU’RE A MOM?! YOU’RE HER MOM?! WHAT?!”

Me: “Yup, that’s my mom.”

Sales Person: “There’s no way! Absolutely no way you have a kid that old!”

Mom: “Well… I’m 49, and I had her when I was 26.”

Sales Person: “Nu-uh! You’ve gotta be like 30. Maybe 35 tops! No way she’s your kid! I mean, did you adopt or something?”

Mom: “If I did then the 14-hour labour I went through with her was a very vivid hallucination.”

Sales Person: “I don’t believe you! You’ve gotta be lying!”

Mom: *takes out her ID* “Hon, I was born in ’64. If I was going to lie about my age, wouldn’t I be going the other way?”

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