It Takes An Age To Figure It Out

, , , | Working | January 2, 2018

(I’m at a contact fair organized by a group at my university. My friend and I pass the booth run by the organizers, and decide to fill out their quick survey about how we found out about the event, if we liked it, etc. The second question already has me dumbfounded.)

Me: “Age… age… How old am I?

Booth Attendant: *laughing* “It’s weird how that’s a question so many students stumble over; you’d think that people in their twenties would know how old they are. What year were you born?”

Me: “To be fair, I don’t think I’ve been asked how old I am all year, only ever for my birth date or birth year. Hold on…” *musing out loud* “I was born in 1995, so in 2015, I was 20, and I already had a birthday this year, so that makes me 22 now.”

(I put my age into the field and complete the survey, the booth attendant chatting with me and my friend the whole time, laughing when we stumble over equally basic questions. Finally, we both hand her our surveys and she pulls out the bowl with rewards: various sweets.)

Booth Attendant: “You know what? This seemed really hard for two civil engineering students like you two, and I don’t think we’re getting that many others, so dig in!”

(We did so and said goodbye, hoping that at least we made the work in the stuffy tent a little bit more fun for her!)

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