Take Your Leave Of The Situation

| Friendly | February 20, 2015

(My boyfriend has stayed the night quite a bit at the apartment I share with my sister and my sister’s closest friend. I get this text message while I’m working:)

Boyfriend: “Someone knocked on the door and told me to leave.”

(I’m obviously upset by this so I call up my sister.)

Me: “Was there any reason why you told [Boyfriend] to leave?”

Sister: “Yeah, he doesn’t pay for anything.”

(I pay for my half of the apartment and the gas and electric bills as well as my own food and gas. We are college students so I end up working extra hours just to pay bills on time since neither of my roommates help.)

Me: “He pays for my food when he stays over.”

Sister: “Well, we are on the lease and he is not.”

Me: “He’s only visiting. It saves him money instead of stopping over every night.”

Sister: “We’re on the lease and he’s not. It makes us feel uncomfortable when he is here.”

Me: “How do you think he feels? You guys freak out if we use a little bit of butter just because you claim it’s yours.”

Sister: “He’s not on the lease and we are. We have the say and you can’t do anything about it.”

(I’m moving out in a month, but it feels like five with the way they have been treating me!)

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