Take The Hire Road

| Friendly | February 6, 2017

(My cousin has had many problems in his life that left him homeless and jobless. This happens when he is trying to get a some money to buy some food.)

Cousin: “Hey man, could you spare a little change so I could get something to eat?”

Stranger #1: “Why don’t you get some work experience and get a job, you bum.”

Cousin: “Okay, are you hiring?”

Stranger #1: “What? No.”

Cousin: “Well, it sounded like you were offering. How am I supposed to get experience if nobody hires me?”

Stranger #1: *silence*

Stranger #2: “He does have a point. You don’t know his life or what he has been through.” *to my cousin* “Here, buy yourself a sandwich.” *hands my cousin $20* “Have a nice day.”

(Stranger #1 walked off as my cousin thanked Stranger #2. My cousin eventually got hired by an old friend and moved to Missouri. He is doing much better now and continues to pay forward the kindness of Stranger #2.)

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