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Take That Silver Spoon And Shove It

| Friendly | May 8, 2017

(My father worked hard all of his life for what he has: he built his own home, most of it on his own, grew vegetables, kept chickens, and would often work second jobs to raise money. He saved for what he needed and rarely had to go into debt. Mum started working after the youngest child went to school; before then she would often go without meals to make ends meet. Our meals were always very basic but us kids never went hungry. Eventually their lifestyle became much more comfortable, and when Dad reached retirement they were able to buy a couple of investment properties which gave them an income so they wouldn’t have to go on the pension. I am talking with my mother-in-law one evening as she is cooking dinner.)

Mother-In-Law: “I can’t ask you to stay because this is all we have. [Father-in-Law] is not going to be happy with this meal. It’s a real pensioner’s meal. We have no money until we get paid our pension tomorrow. Though you wouldn’t know about that, seeing as you were brought up with a silver spoon in your mouth.”

(As usual I tried to explain how we lived our life and as usual she didn’t believe a word I said. I also was not the least bit sorry as she had just finished telling me about the expensive restaurants they went to on the weekend, after they spent a couple of days gambling at the horse races. But of course it was my fault because my father had money.)

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