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Take Notice Of How Screwed You Are

, , , , , , , , | Working | CREDIT: GrumpyAlien | May 29, 2023

I work at a chick hatchery and incubation facility. On a Friday, my boss pulls me aside.

Boss: “You’re on holiday starting next week, for two weeks.”

Me: “Erm… I wanted to use those two weeks during summer with my family.”

Boss: “Nope, it has to be done now as it will be too busy then.”

My brother has been inviting me to his workplace, so I start the following Monday. Two weeks later, I call on Sunday to talk to [Boss].

Me: “I’ve found another job paying 40% more for fewer hours. I’m not coming in ever again.”

Boss: “But you gave us no notice!”

Me: “You got the same notice I got for my holidays.”

One month was the required notice I was supposed to give.

During my interview, [Boss] had told me the starting and finish times. So far, so good. Then, when I was signing the contract, the daily hours were less by an hour and thirty minutes.

[Boss] was using a government incentive for new businesses where he’d get a contribution toward the employee’s wages if they worked less than eight hours per day. Well, he was screwing us, and I kept records.

When legal threats came saying I owed the company a month’s wages, I replied with records showing they owed me that much plus two weeks. I never heard from them again.

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