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Take Note That Notaries Exist For A Reason

, , , , | Working | May 31, 2019

(I need to renew my passport because I have gotten married. I have all the forms needed to submit for a new passport with my married name, including an official copy of my marriage certificate that I bought at city hall. Admittedly, I am a bit flustered by the time I speak with the worker because this post office has been hard to find, and I spent about ten minutes trying to find it. After waiting in a short line, I finally get to speak to the one worker at the desk.)

Me: “Hi. I’m here to apply for a new passport.”

Worker: “Okay, do you have the money and paperwork?”

Me: “Yep! Got the paperwork filled out and a check right here.”

Worker: “Oh, we only do cash.”

Me: “Really? But I don’t have enough on me.”

Worker: “There is a gas station down the road with an ATM. You can get cash there.”

Me: “Okay.”

(I’m annoyed, but that’s my fault for not seeing that they only do cash. After withdrawing the $110, I go back, wait in line and talk to the same worker.)

Me: “Okay, got the cash, got the paperwork.”

Worker: “Do you have the two forms of ID?”

Me: “Yep. Driver’s license and old passport. And since the old passport is in my maiden name, I also brought a copy of my marriage license with me.”

Worker: “I can’t accept this. It’s a copy.”

Me: “Yes, it’s a notarized copy.”

Worker: “I can’t send a copy. It won’t work.”

Me: “I can assure you it will. This is why I paid $2 for it. It is an official copy.”

Worker: “They’ll just send your application back and you’ll be out the money. You have to send in the original.”

Me: “I’m not mailing out my actual marriage license. The copy will work. Mail my passport application out with it.”

Worker: “It won’t work. I’m going to write a note on it that I told you it won’t work so you can’t argue to get your money back when they send it back.”

Me: “Fine, just send it out.”

(A few months later I got my new passport, and all the documents I had submitted with the application. I took great pleasure in throwing her stupid note away.)

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