Take My Health But Not My Money!

, , , | Right | July 18, 2019

(I’ve just checked a woman out through my register, and she has taken her purchase and walked away. I immediately notice that she has left her purse sitting on the end of the counter, and I glance toward the door to see if I can catch her before she exits. Just then, she slips or trips and falls in the doorway. I quickly lock my register while making an apology to the next person in line and rush to the fallen customer, having forgotten in the moment about the purse.)

Me: “Are you injured? Can I help you up?”

Customer: “You! You left my purse!”

Me: “Your purse is right there on the end of the counter where you left it; I’ll get it for you in a moment. Please let me help you up!”

Customer: *half lying/sitting on the floor, resisting my efforts to help her* “Why would you leave my purse? It could be stolen!”

Me: “I am more concerned, at the moment, about your well-being than your purse. Let me help you, and then I’ll get the purse for you.”

Customer: “Just bring me my purse, you idiot!”

(Only after I retrieved her purse and she meticulously checked its contents, while sitting on the floor blocking the doorway, would she allow me to help her up. Apparently, the purse, which was in plain view on the end of the counter the entire time, was more important than her possible injuries and the fact that she was blocking anyone else from leaving the store, including any potential thief.)

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