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Take It EZ

, , , , , | Working | February 1, 2021

I am Team Lead, and I have been working for about eight days straight on overnights. I am very tired and I’m kind of on autopilot. A customer walks up to the counter with a box of condoms. The letters ENZ are on it. The customer also puts two bottles of water, a bottle of wine, and a rose down. I start scanning the items.

Me: “Hello, how is your night going?”

Customer: “Going good so far. How is yours?”

Me: “Eh, just slightly tired. But overall, not too bad.”

I finish ringing everything up, the condoms being last.

Me: “Will that be EZ for you tonight?”

I realized my error of words. I’d meant to say, “Will that be everything for you tonight?”

The customer looked at me, not knowing what to say. I just looked back, utterly horrified. My manager was laughing his a** off in the office as he’d seen the whole thing go down.

All in all, the guy didn’t get mad. He laughed it off as a slip of the brain and walked away. I was extremely mortified, and I have yet to live that slip down.

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