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Take It Back To The Sauce

, | Working | June 3, 2014

(I work at the local fast food place in town. We are doing a promotional, limited time burger. I am currently not working and am going through the drive-thru with my boyfriend.)

Me: “Hi. Can I get a [promotional burger] with ketchup and mayonnaise instead of the usual sauce?”

Cashier: “I’m sorry. We can’t put that sauce on that burger.”

Me: “I’ve ordered the same thing several other times and never had an issue.”

Cashier: “No, the system won’t process it.”

Me: “Can you just put it through as sauce packets and ask the kitchen staff to put it on the burger?”

Cashier: “No, I can’t do that either.”

(I know we can do that at our restaurant as I get requests from managers all the time to add things to burgers that wouldn’t go through the system.)

Me: “Can I just get the sauce packets separately then?”

(The cashier puts it through but when we receive our order, I have not received my sauce. I take it into the store and try to get the attention of the staff but none of them are interested. Fed up, I go behind the counter, open up my burger, and add the sauce myself.)

Me: “It looks like we can add this sauce to the burger, huh?”