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Take A Stroll(er) Up The Staircase Of Madness

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We have escalators at our museum and guests often misuse them, including running the wrong way, sitting down, taking their feet off the steps and onto the sides, etc. We try to correct these actions whenever we can.

One thing people do is take strollers on the escalators. Signs are posted telling people not to do this, and if we see someone about to try, we stop them.

[Guest #1] moves towards the escalator with a stroller.

Me: “Sir, please take your stroller on the elevator.”

I point. The elevator is ten feet away.

Guest #1: “What?”

Me: “Please take the stroller on the elevator!”

Guest #1: “Oh, it’s fine.”

He waves me off and brings his stroller on the escalator. I die a little inside.

Another time, I’m talking with one of the museum’s administrators. We happen to be near the escalator. A family with a huge stroller, complete with a baby, approaches the escalator.

Me: “Oh, I’m afraid you have to take the elevator.”

Administrator: “Yes, the escalator is unsafe for strollers.”

Guest #2: “We’ve done this before.”

Administrator: “Sir, please take the stroller to the elevator.”

One of the family members takes the baby out of the stroller and carries them down the escalator.

[Guest #2] takes the stroller on the escalator.

Administrator: “…”

Me: “Welcome to my world.”

Question of the Week

Has a customer ever tried to cross you and lived to regret it? What happened?

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