Take A Costume And Make It All Mime

Working | May 30, 2016

(My mom works at a fabric store and she is allowed to dress up as anything for Halloween. In looking for an excuse to not talk to customers, she dresses up as a zombie that has a slit throat. She goes around the store just… staring with a serine look. After Halloween one of the managers speaks to her.)

Manager: “[Mom], you creeped out a lot of our customers yesterday. Even the teenage boys were creeped out by you. From now on, everyone is going to need to check in on what they’re going to dress up as.”

(The following year, she dresses up as a mime. She walk up to a customer looking at fabric and my mom starts pulling different ones out for her.)

Customer: “No, no, no. It needs to hit me.”

Mom: *prepares to hit her with the fabric*

Customer: *laughing* “No. Not like that.”

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