Take A Chill Pill

| West Orange, NJ, USA | Working | March 26, 2013

(My 14-year-old sister’s doctor has prescribed her birth control pills for the terrible cramps she gets during menstruation. She’s a little embarrassed about it and asks me to go with her instead of our parents.)

Pharmacist: “Here you are, ma’am.”

Me: “Thanks.” *to my sister* “Here, sweetie.”

Pharmacist: “Wait, she’s [sister’s name]?”

Me: “Yes. These pills are for her.”

Pharmacist: “She’s too young for those! She shouldn’t be having sex! Why would you let her? Are you her sister? You probably set a bad example for her! Shame on both of you!”

Me: “My sister is not sexually active. She was prescribed these pills because she gets terrible cramps that sometimes make it hard for her to even sit up. Even if that was the case, what business is it of yours? At least, she would’ve been taking precautions.”

(My sister mumbles something and we leave. Outside, I hug her and ask her what she said.)

My Sister: “I was going to say I have a girlfriend anyway, but I changed my mind since you said it wasn’t his business.”

(A month later, we returned to the pharmacy to buy tampons. Fortunately, we learned we weren’t the first customers to be treated that way and the pharmacist had been fired.)

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