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(I am at a reptile exhibit with my younger sister. We are looking into buying a chameleon from a breeder here, as their reptiles tend to be healthier from the ones sold at pet stores. We have wondered over to a snake cage where the breeder is sitting close by.)

Sister: Oh! I want to hold that huge snake!

Me: Careful it might bight off a finger!

(The breeder has been listening in and holds up a hand, missing two fingers.)

Breeder: It just might.

Lions And Tigers And Tired Moms, Oh My!

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(I am at the zoo with my family looking at the tigers. The lions are on the other side of the zoo. A woman in her 20s walks up holding an 18-month- to two-year-old child.)

Woman: “Look, honey! See the lions?”

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(I had a chinchilla in a cage and was showing it to people)
Little girl passing by: Look mom! It’s an owl!

Not The Touching Animal Story You Were Expecting

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(I enter the butterfly house at the zoo with my husband, toddler, and baby. There are only a few groups of people inside, so it is quite quiet. Near the entrance is a mother talking to her son, who is about five years old. He has apparently just touched a butterfly.)

Mother: “You can’t touch them. It’s going to die now.”

Boy: *no reaction*

Mother: “Don’t touch the butterflies.”

(They slowly go through the exhibit with another woman and small girl, and we follow slowly behind. Near the exit, the mother and other woman are chatting with each other while looking at their phones. The zookeeper is facing the other way, talking to another visitor. The children are squatting next to a garden bed. The boy picks up a stick and, holding it like a baseball bat, takes a swipe at a butterfly. Thankfully, he misses. The mother takes no notice, and the keeper hasn’t seen it. I stand a few meters away, staring at the boy, waiting for him to do it again. A couple of butterflies pass near him and he starts thrashing the stick around.)


(Everyone turned to look and the mother hustled her son out, looking annoyed. I guess violently attacking butterflies is okay so long as you don’t touch them.)

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(I work in the main restaurant at my local zoo, this takes places in the outdoor, two-tiered terrace outside the restaurant which I have been assigned to clear. The steps leading up to the top terrace had just been remade and the cement was still wet so the maintenance team had taped off the stairs and had a sign directing people to use the ramp leading up a few meters away. I have just finished cleaning a table and spot a child jumping up and down the taped off steps, with a woman (I believe to be her grandma) just standing watching her)
Me: Hello madam, is that your grandchild on the stairs?
G: Yes, is there a problem at all?
Me: I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask that you take her off the stairs as they have just been relaid and the cement is still wet.
G: Oh, I wouldn’t worry dear, she’s doing no harm. (To her grandchild) Come along dear, this mean woman won’t let you play.
Me: (Now feeling a bit annoyed and offended) The area has been taped off for a reason, ma’am.
(Suddenly the girl slips, knocking one of the bricks out)
G: (Now screaming at me) Now look what has happened! This zoo is a death trap! I demand to see your manager!
(Luckily my manager was on the upper terrace talking to the head of maintenance so came over when she heard shouting)
Manager: How can I help you?
(Grandma angrily screeches about us not clearly marking out a dangerous area and demands compensation for her grandchild’s grazed knee)
Manager: Sorry, did you mean the red tape, orange traffic cones and warning signs that are blocking off the stairs? (She points at the tape, cones and sign, Grandma goes bright red)
Grandma: (Spluttering) Well… Well I-
Manager: I would also like to point out ma’am that your grandchild has caused damage to a set of stairs that have only just been relain and this isn’t the first time you have caused trouble on the zoo grounds.
(After this my manager apologies to me and escorts grandma and her grandchild to her office.)
(I later heard that the other trouble she had caused involved damaging information displays, damaging products in the gift shop and harassing other members of staff and zoo visitors. Grandma and her whole family have now been banned from the zoo for the foreseeable future, thank goodness)

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