We Bet They Will Forget The Rules If Their Kids Fall

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I volunteer at a popular zoo which has a number of walkthrough exhibits, including a lorikeet enclosure where visitors can buy little pots of nectar to feed the birds. I notice that a number of young children have climbed a display on the other end of the path and are holding up the pots of nectar to the birds in the trees. This is VERY dangerous!

Me: “Excuse me! Excuse me, could you please get off there? Don’t do that!”

Parent: “Oh, shut up!”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Parent: “Don’t do this, don’t do that! Why can’t you let them have their fun?”

Me: “Because the rules exist for a reason.”

Parent: “Well, you can take your rules and go somewhere else!”

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It’s A Bank Holiday For Everyone Except You

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I work at a zoo that takes lots of free tickets. These tickets cannot be used on bank holidays, and it states this in bold on the tickets.

Me: “Hi. How many today?”

Customer: “I have a ticket.”

Me: “Sorry, but as it does say on that ticket, we don’t take those on bank holidays.”

Customer: “It doesn’t say that.”

I take the ticket and read out the top line to them, circle it, and pass it back.

Customer: “Well, I didn’t read it, so I am not paying.”

Me: “You are welcome to come back and use it another day, but today it cannot be taken, sorry.”

Customer: “BUT NO ONE TOLD ME!”

Repeat this scenario at least sixty further times on any given bank holiday.

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I’m part of the education staff at a popular zoo, most of my time is spent in different “animal contact areas”,where visitors can come close to animals. One such place is in our Lorikeet aviary: guests get to walk in an area with small, colorful birds and can pay to feed them. Because there is no barrier between the birds and the people you’re not allowed to bring in any non-bird food (since Lorikeets are very smart and very good at opening any and all containers). I’m manning the front door and a woman walks in holding a small pizza box:

Me: I’m sorry ma’am but you can’t bring that food in here.

Her (obviously annoyed): Oh. Well I guess I’ll just sit in here then.

Me: If you’d like you can hand it to the cashier, he’ll put it on the other side of the counter for you and you can just grab it as you come out.

Her (So snarky it’s palpable): No, that’s ok, it’s almost empty but I’ll follow your rules.

Me: Again, I’m really sorry. We just can’t have the birds trying to eat your food.

Her: They won’t, it’s just two pieces of chicken, but it’s fine.

She then walks out again in a huff. My coworker, who overheard the whole thing, just turns at me says in a whiny tone “It’s just two pieces of chicken” and then bursts out laughing.

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This is actually a happy story!

I’m working in the Nocturnal Building at a popular zoo. My whole gimmick is that I’m supposed to be a “tour guide” taking people on a “night hike”. Anyhow, I’m leading a family through and a woman is standing in front of one of the animals and taking pictures with her flash on. Now there is a big sign at the front of the building asking people to turn off their flash so that it doesn’t hurt the animals’ eyes. Sometimes people don’t see it (or don’t care) so I go up to the woman:

Me: Excuse me ma’am, but would you please turn off your flash? These animals are nocturnal and their eyes aren’t used to bright flashes. (I’m preparing for the usual anger/annoyance that I get when I ask people to do this. Already have my patient smile on, waiting to explain that it can hurt the animals)

Her: Oh my god I am SO SORRY!!! I should have realized, oh I feel so stupid!!! Oh I am so sorry, I wasn’t thinking!!!

Me: It’s alright ma’am, thank you for understanding.

I continue on my “night hike” and go on with my day. Several hours later, on my lunch break, I see this woman again. She pulls me over and this happens:

Her: I just want to apologize again for using flash. I really wasn’t thinking and I feel so bad! I mean it’s common sense!

Me: Really ma’am it’s fine. Thank you so much for understanding, most people don’t. It’s really kind of you to apologize.

Her: Well you have a good day sweetie.

Me: You too ma’am!

Waiting For The (American) Coin To Drop

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I’m on vacation with my son in our nation’s capital, visiting the National Zoo. The vending machines take large bills, and at some point during the day, I buy a drink and get dollar coins as change. Later on, we are buying a meal in one of the cafes and I try to pay with the dollar coins.

Cashier: “I’m sorry, I can’t accept these. We can only take American money.”

Me: “What? That is American money.”

Cashier: “No, it’s not.”

Me: “It says, ‘United States of America.’”

Cashier: “It looks fake.”

Me: “I got it as change in one of your vending machines. You must have had other people pay with them, too.”

She eventually called over her manager to confirm that dollar coins were, in fact, real money. No harm done, but how do you work at the National Zoo and not recognize American money?

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