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Always Right, Unless There’s Not Enough Light

, , , , | Right | August 13, 2008

(Note: this story takes place at a bank in Zimbabwe.)

Teller: “Good morning, sir, how may I help you?”

Me: “Good morning, please may I withdraw 100 billion?”

(This is about 1 US dollar.)

Teller: “I’m very sorry, sir, but we do not have enough sun.”

Me: “What!?”

Teller: “We cannot give you money because we do not have enough sun.”

Me: “Why do you need sun to give me money?”

Teller: “Oh, we are having a power cut, and the solar panel isn’t receiving enough sun to run the computers.”

Me: *laughs* “Thank you very much for the best excuse, ever.”

Teller: “You’re welcome, sir, have a good day.”