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Me: Sorry for the wait. We’re a little understaffed because of a catering event and I am training a new bartender while serving. She’s been a bartender before, just needs to get used to things here! So our soups today are a tomato based seafood chowder, a chilled beet and a garlic eggplant. Can I start you off with anything?

Lady #1: I’ll have the beet soup. And a dirty martini over rocks.

Lady #2: I’ll take the tomato one… And a dirty martini too. But up.

(We’re swamped and understaffed with no host and down two servers so it takes a bit but I get their soups and drinks out and take entrée orders. After a bit I go to check on them…)

Lady #1: Excuse me, my martini tastes like soap.

Lady #2: And you didn’t tell me this was seafood.

Me: Err… Uhh.. I’m sorry let me take those back. Can I get you a salad or anything instead of soup? And another drink?

(She orders another drink, finally their entrées are out…)

Lady #1: You know what, I really wanted my dressing on the side.

(It’s a kale salad and the dressing needs to be pretty much massaged into the leaves or it can get bitter. I take it back anyways. Not even a minute later the lady who’s “martini tasted like soap” comes back saying they didn’t like anything and are just leaving. I send a manager over, head to the kitchen and ask the chef if she has any clue what just happened.)

Hard Work Gets A “Nice” Reward

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(I am rushing through a busy day at a popular fast food place. I answer the drive through, take their order, and meet them at the window for payment.)

Me: “That’ll be $11.62, please.”

Customer: *looks at me, peers around, sees the enormous crowd inside, and then turns to her grade-school son* “See her?”

Son: “Yeah.”

(My stomach twists.)

Customer: “See how hard she’s working? And see how nice she’s being to us?”

Son: “Uh-huh.”

Customer: “It doesn’t matter what kind of job you get, or what you want to do when you grow up; as long as you’re like this nice lady, you can be whatever you want, okay?”

Son: “Okay!”

Me: *flabbergasted*

Customer: “I bet you get a lot of people belittling you because you work here, huh?”

Me: “You have no idea, actually.”

Customer: “Trust me, I do. I used to work for [rival Fast Food Place] while paying off tuition. The only consolation to that was watching their faces go red when I told them this. I’m guessing this isn’t your permanent job?”

Me: “No, actually. I’m an intern on weekends at the radio station.”

Customer: “And there you go. You’re not in the best place yet, but you will be.”

(She handed me the money, and I had a hard time ringing her up through the tears in my eyes. After she pulled to the other window, I snuck a few packs of cookies into their bag. Wherever you are, nice lady, thank you a hundred times over!)

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