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(I was out with my grandmother getting a manicure at a Nail Salon. While she was drying her nails, I noticed a rude woman next to me, also getting a manicure.)
Woman: Um, excuse me, but could you please put stripes on them. Turquoise ones…no pink!
(The woman then whipped out her phone and began pointing to a picture)
Woman: Could you make it look like THIS PICTURE?
(The poor employee nodded and called over another employee to get some new colors. As the poor girl began to paint her nails, the woman glanced over at my nails. I was getting gold nails, with little American flags painted on them.)
Woman: Actually…can I get what she is getting? Maybe gold stripes WITH pink and turquoise!?
(The employee nodded, and removed the paint on her nails. I then gave the girl a small smile. She then chuckled and returned to painting. The woman looked at my nails again.)
Woman: Oh my goodness! She is going to be so jealous!
(I then rolled my eyes and ignored her for the rest of the time.