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(I work at a popular game store and I know a ton about Xbox games, mainly Mass Effect. My manager is in the back and a customer walks in and grabs a game off the shelf. it should be noted that I am female and have a Mass Effect T-shirt on and I’m wearing Renegade earrings)

Customer: (has his game and is waiting at the other, empty register)
Me: I can check you out here, sir. My manager is in the back on a phone call.
Customer: I want HIM to check me out, not some dumb girl! I’ve been waiting for this game for weeks!
Me: well, this “dumb girl” can get you out of here in two minutes, whereas my manager won’t be back for another 20.
Customer: FINE (throws the game on the counter)
Customer: (as I’m ringing him up) I don’t see why they hire GIRLS here, they don’t play video games! Video games are for men! Why hire someone who doesn’t know anything about the games? I’m sure you just wear that shirt so you can look cool and try to fit in. (rambles on and on about how video games are “just for guys” and how girls “ruin” them)
Me: (bags up his game) I hope you enjoy it sir!
Customer: Whatever, you’ve probably never even played it.
Me: (as I hand it to him, smiling) By the way, ***** dies on Tuchanka.
Customer: (face fumes red and he storms out of the store)
Me: Have a nice day!
Customer: F*** YOU
(Best part, my manager laughed and spoiled the same customers next game too for being rude to another female employee)

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(One Thanksgiving, the Pastor from a local church came in looking for a discount on turkeys.)

Me: “How may I help you?

Pastor: “I need [amount of turkeys], can I get a discount?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we can not give discounts as we are the cheapest price in town this year.”

Pastor: “Well! That’s not very d*** Christian of you!”


It’s Barely Cute When A Child Does It…

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(I’m standing in line when I notice the bottle of tea I’m holding has leaked all over my shoes and the floor. I let out a little cry of shock and head back to the cooler to replace it. When I get back up front, the guy who was standing behind me in line is checking out.)

Guy: *turns around* “Haha, I beat you!”

(I just stare at him incredulously.)

Guy: “So, how you doin’?”

(My eyebrows couldn’t possibly go higher.)

Guy: “Just not going to say anything, huh?”

Me: “‘Haha, I beat you.’? Are you five years old?”

Guy: *goes a little red* “No! Just, I know you were up here… but then I… I got to the counter first.”

Me: “Yup. Congratulations.”

Guy:  “And, uh… You’re pretty. So, I’m hoping I could get your number.”

Me: “Wow, seriously? No. If you want a woman’s number, try acting like a man instead of a child.”

(He left in a hurry.)

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“Cut-Out” The Dressing Part

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(My husband and I own one of those photography studios where people dress up in “wild west” costumes and get a sepia-toned picture taken. We have examples of the pictures all over the walls, so people can get ideas as to how they want to dress. One day an older couple walks in.)

Customer: “How long does it take to get a photo done?”

Me: “For two people? I can have you in and out with your print in about fifteen minutes.”

Customer: “Just fifteen minutes? We have a trolley to catch.”

Me: “You mean the city trolley that leaves at [time]? This only takes fifteen minutes, so you’ll be out in time to catch your trolley, no problem.”

Customer: “Oh, good! How do we start?”

Me: “You just have to decide how you want to dress!”

Customer: *just now noticing the wall covered in photos* “You mean we dress up?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “We don’t just put our head in a cut-out?”

Me: *a little taken aback, as older customers usually know exactly what this kind of thing is* “…yes.”

Customer: “Oh, we don’t have time for that.”

Me: “But it only would take fifteen minutes.”

Customer: “I’m sorry; we just don’t have time. Bye!”

(Apparently not all “fifteen minutes” are created equal.)

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Taking A Big Bite Out Of Your Parenting

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(I am kneeling in a bookstore looking for a particular book, and there is a mother with a toddler nearby. The mother is absorbed in her book. Suddenly her toddler runs up to me, then grabs and BITES DOWN ON MY BOOB — and I feel teeth!)

Me: *yelps* “What the f***?!”

Mother: *whips her head around like Linda Blair, glaring at me* “Excuse me! Don’t swear in front of my kid!”

Me: “Your kid just bit me!” *I stand up and gesture where he bit me*

Mother: “Oh, he must’ve been hungry.”

Me: “What? That’s not okay!”

Employee: *investigating the commotion* “What’s going on? Is everything okay?”

Me: “I—”

Mother: “It’s nothing really; she’s overreacting. Some people just can’t handle children.”

(With that, she picks up her kid and walks off like it was nothing. I explain to the employee what happened.)

Employee: “Oh… uh… Do you need—” *he gestures, clearly flustered* “—I mean, are you—”

Me: “It’s fine. Just… I’ll be going.”

(I never ran into that woman or her kid again, but since then I’ve been very wary of toddlers that aren’t being watched closely — once bitten, twice shy, I guess!)

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