Should Have Checked The Sign

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(We have signs on our registers saying, “NO CHECKS.” The customer’s total comes to under $10. He has three cards come back declined, including a check card.)

Customer: “Can I write you a check?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we do not accept checks here; credit or cash only.”

Customer: “Who doesn’t take checks anymore? It’s not even $10.”

Me: *points to sign* “It is our store policy; we do not accept checks.”

Customer: “You can’t make an exception? I shop here all the time!”

Me: *I’ve never seen him before* “Sir, even if I was allowed to make an exception, would you really give us a check knowing that your check card has been declined?”

Customer: *long pause, then walks out*

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I work at a fast food restaurant in a small town in Wyoming. This occurs during a dinner rush in which we only have two employees in the building; my coworker and myself. I am taking orders from lobby and drive-thru both while my coworker struggled to make the food. The owner showed up during the rush to help us. This happens when I go to hand out a large drive-thru order that has been waiting for a while:
Me: Sorry about that.. Here you are, guys.
Male Customer (driver): And some red sauce?
(Note that our sauces are free upon request. She is also whipping her head around in full drama-queen fashion and screaming her lungs out at me; much to my shock.)
Me: Uh yes ma’am. Here you are.
Female Customer: *more bitching*
Me: Ma’am, we only have one cook in the back, and we’re trying as best we can to get the orders out-”
(The male customer doesn’t say anything and just drives off. Five minutes later we get a phone call. Note we are still in the middle of our dinner rush.)
Me: [fast food place], this is [my name]
Female Customer: WHAT’S YOUR NAME!?
Me: [my name]…
Female Customer: WHAT’S YOUR NAME!?
Me: Uh, [my name]…..
Female Customer: WHAT’S YOUR NAME!?
Me: ….
Me: ….
Me: Uh, Ma’am, the owner is here if you would like to speak with her.
Female Customer: YES, PLEASE!
Me: [owner], there’s an angry customer on the phone who wants to speak to you.
Owner: ….ok….
Me (to the phone): I’m sorry, Ma’am, we’re in the middle of a rush; she’ll be with you as soon as she can.
Female Customer: THANK YOU.
(after some time)
Owner: Are they still there?
Me: Yeah
The owner later told me that the woman complained that I was bitchy and rude to her before proceeding to ask for my owner’s manager. She repeated to the woman several times that she was the owner of the store and therefore did not have a higher ranking manager. After the woman continued asking for the owner of the establishment, she could only assume that the customer was talking about Cooperate. The owner told her where the number could be found as well as the fact she was trying to apologize to the woman. This conversation happened after the call:
Owner: She said you were bitchy and rude to her, but I heard what you said and it didn’t sound rude to me.
Me: I wasn’t being rude to her..
Owner: Yeah you said something like “we only have one cook” or something like that?
Me: Yes, I said “Ma’am we only have one cook and we’re trying the best we can”
Owner: Yeah, that’s not rude or mean at all. I don’t know what she was asking for; she kept asking for my manager’s number.
Me: She said something about her order taking 13 minutes. I saw the time; it was at 11 something when we cleared it.
(we can bring up cleared orders and see how long it took to make each one. That specific order took 11:50 to send out from the time money was collected. The owner had me write it down and re-print the receipt along with what I said vs what she said to avoid me getting in trouble with Cooperate. The woman wanted to report also wanted to report me for the “rude” way I treated her.)

Why Oh Wyoming

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(On my first day working in a video game store, I hear loud, drunken rambling outside. I go out to find an extremely irate man screaming and pointing at one of the other employee’s cars. I ask what the problem is.)

Me: “Dude. What’s the deal, man?”

Customer: “This f***** parked his car over the line!”

(The employee, who happens to be female, has parked her car — a large range rover — with one of the front tires barely over the line.)

Me: “Listen. I’m going to have to ask you to stop screaming and swearing out here, all right? This is a small town and people get scared by that kind of stuff.”

Customer: “I’m from f***ing De Moines! I’ve seen scarier s*** every f***ing morning!”

Me: “I understand that, dude, but you really don’t want to scare these people.”

Customer: “Oh, yeah? Why not?!”

(The guy starts to bump into me with his chest, pushing me against the wall. Just then, the manager walks out aiming his .44 magnum revolver that he always open-carries.)

Manager: “Because everybody in Wyoming has one of these, and you don’t want to scare somebody with one of these.”

(The manager pulls the hammer back.)

Manager: “Right now, you’re scaring me.”

(The customer stared in horror down the barrel of the gun and swiftly got in his car and drove off.)

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(I work at a popular game store and I know a ton about Xbox games, mainly Mass Effect. My manager is in the back and a customer walks in and grabs a game off the shelf. it should be noted that I am female and have a Mass Effect T-shirt on and I’m wearing Renegade earrings)

Customer: (has his game and is waiting at the other, empty register)
Me: I can check you out here, sir. My manager is in the back on a phone call.
Customer: I want HIM to check me out, not some dumb girl! I’ve been waiting for this game for weeks!
Me: well, this “dumb girl” can get you out of here in two minutes, whereas my manager won’t be back for another 20.
Customer: FINE (throws the game on the counter)
Customer: (as I’m ringing him up) I don’t see why they hire GIRLS here, they don’t play video games! Video games are for men! Why hire someone who doesn’t know anything about the games? I’m sure you just wear that shirt so you can look cool and try to fit in. (rambles on and on about how video games are “just for guys” and how girls “ruin” them)
Me: (bags up his game) I hope you enjoy it sir!
Customer: Whatever, you’ve probably never even played it.
Me: (as I hand it to him, smiling) By the way, ***** dies on Tuchanka.
Customer: (face fumes red and he storms out of the store)
Me: Have a nice day!
Customer: F*** YOU
(Best part, my manager laughed and spoiled the same customers next game too for being rude to another female employee)

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(One Thanksgiving, the Pastor from a local church came in looking for a discount on turkeys.)

Me: “How may I help you?

Pastor: “I need [amount of turkeys], can I get a discount?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we can not give discounts as we are the cheapest price in town this year.”

Pastor: “Well! That’s not very d*** Christian of you!”