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My son recently discovered he is allergic to soy. The chef at his workplace decided to make a special dish which he thought took my son’s allergy into account. Unfortunately, he was not aware that edamame is young soybeans.

Yep, he served edamame to the man with the soy allergy.

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At my last job, I used to work in a type of convenience store, similar to 7/11. We have credit card machines, and while there seems to be a slot for a chip, our machines were not equipped with chip readers, meaning you had to swipe the card to pay. Yet, an unbelievable amount of people would attempt to insert their chip into the machine anyway, ignoring a large green sign that reads “PLEASE SWIPE”. This happened at least 20 times a day. That, or people would hand me their card, in which case. I would just point to the card reader not two inches from their outstretched hand.

It’s partially why I ended up quitting to find a better job.

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(This story is about my sister. She had enough years in to retire with a full pension and was getting close to the magic age of 55, so in her terms she was wearing asbestos pants – fireproof. It would cost the company more for severance than to just let her work her time out. She was attending an obligatory team meeting where a middle level manager was trying to feed horse-s*** to the frontline staff. When he was done…)

Manager: “That is all for today. Are there any questions?”

My Sister: “Yeah. I was just wondering. Do you understand that if anyone in this room was stupid enough to believe the horse-s*** you just spewed they would be too stupid to work for [company name]?”

*all her coworkers clap *

Manager: “…”
( I am so proud of her. )

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I did a return for this one old lady. It went fairly smoothly – I asked her why she was returning, it was satisfactory, the receipt went through and the return was fine. No problems. Now, when you return something at the store I work at, sometimes it goes straight back to your card, and sometimes it makes you insert the card you used. In this case, although the total was only $5.14, I was surprised that it asked for her to insert her card, realizing it was a debit.

It worked fine, she was perfectly okay with it. She said no to cash back after some confusion, and the receipt printed out. As I handed to her and smiled, saying “Have a good one!” she just stared at me.

Finally she said, “Where’s my money?”

At my blank stare, she added, more aggressively, “Where’s my cash back?”

“Um, what cash back?” I asked, thinking maybe she meant the cash back option on the card screen for the debit transaction.

“My money! I returned that item, where’s my cash back?”

“Um, you already got it,” I told her. She was acting as if I had tried to scam her, and she looked pissed.

“No I didn’t! Where’s my cash?”

Realizing she just didn’t get it, I explained, “Ma’am, you inserted your card and you got your money back that way. It says so on your receipt.”
She backed away a little and glances at the receipt in her hand. Her personality did a complete one-eighty and she smiled brightly at me. “OH! That’s why I put my card in? Ah, I see now. Thanks for your help!”

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A customer walks up to the service desk and asks for a thermostat. I politely point him to the correct aisle and he walks into the incorrect aisle.

Approximately five minutes later he walks up angry and yells I sent him to the wrong aisle. I apologized and told him I had said aisle five not six. He then looks down, sees the cross necklace around my neck and states “with a cross around your neck you would think you were a better person.”

I stood there stunned and point him to the aisle again. He mumbles something under his breathe and walks away. After he realized his mistake he took the long way to the checkout with his head down. I haven’t seen him since.