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I did a return for this one old lady. It went fairly smoothly – I asked her why she was returning, it was satisfactory, the receipt went through and the return was fine. No problems. Now, when you return something at the store I work at, sometimes it goes straight back to your card, and sometimes it makes you insert the card you used. In this case, although the total was only $5.14, I was surprised that it asked for her to insert her card, realizing it was a debit.

It worked fine, she was perfectly okay with it. She said no to cash back after some confusion, and the receipt printed out. As I handed to her and smiled, saying “Have a good one!” she just stared at me.

Finally she said, “Where’s my money?”

At my blank stare, she added, more aggressively, “Where’s my cash back?”

“Um, what cash back?” I asked, thinking maybe she meant the cash back option on the card screen for the debit transaction.

“My money! I returned that item, where’s my cash back?”

“Um, you already got it,” I told her. She was acting as if I had tried to scam her, and she looked pissed.

“No I didn’t! Where’s my cash?”

Realizing she just didn’t get it, I explained, “Ma’am, you inserted your card and you got your money back that way. It says so on your receipt.”
She backed away a little and glances at the receipt in her hand. Her personality did a complete one-eighty and she smiled brightly at me. “OH! That’s why I put my card in? Ah, I see now. Thanks for your help!”

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A customer walks up to the service desk and asks for a thermostat. I politely point him to the correct aisle and he walks into the incorrect aisle.

Approximately five minutes later he walks up angry and yells I sent him to the wrong aisle. I apologized and told him I had said aisle five not six. He then looks down, sees the cross necklace around my neck and states “with a cross around your neck you would think you were a better person.”

I stood there stunned and point him to the aisle again. He mumbles something under his breathe and walks away. After he realized his mistake he took the long way to the checkout with his head down. I haven’t seen him since.

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At my first work place, the atmosphere is really laid back.
Many employees worked together already for years.
There were different sections of the plant.
Usually, maximum of 5 people were working together at the same time in a section.

One of the colleague was a great joker.
He always played tricks.
Often we had to go to different areas of the plant and only two people stayed in one section.

I usually worked in the laboratory or on the computer, if we didn’t have to fix something.

One day my colleague found a new prank:
He put a bucket filled with water and placed it on the door frame.

Usually, my other colleague and me used our bosses office to write reports.
Our boss only came in once or twice week, as his main office was at a different place.

On day, I was working in the control room, when I saw the “joker guy” climbing out of the office’s window.
“I placed a bucket for other colleague! So, don’t go into the office! I will go to fix some of the pumps. I will be back later.”

“Don’t you think, you should stop this joke already?Almost everyone fell for this prank already!”

“This will be the last time. Other colleague is the last one!”

After an hour, I went to the laboratory and already forgot about the prank.

Suddenly, our boss came by and said Hello to me.
A few minutes later, I heared him unlock his office and I just thought
“Oh no!”
I ran out of the office but it was too late..
I just heared a splash and a scream.

My joker colleague came running shouting
“I need to remove the bucket! Boss showed…” Immediately he froze when he saw our boss furiously, running out of his office, his head dripping wet.

My colleague was chewed out by our boss for almost an hour.
After that incident, luckily the pranks very reduced drastically.
But this story was our favourite one at the plant’s Christmas parties.

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(Note: The store I worked at only sells items that you can see, we do not have a back area to the store because we get only a set amount of items from other companies to sell, also if something is missing from the item it’s likely we don’t have it if it wasn’t already with the product. I had just started cleaning clothing racks when a older woman approached me)

Me: hello ma’am

Customer: Hi this dress is missing it’s belt can you check the back for it?

Me: I can see if my coworker brought it to the front (I go and check and there is no belt. I come back and tell her this)

Customer: oh okay (leaves)

*I continue cleaning when behind me I can hear the woman on her phone*

Customer: I can’t believe the service here. They don’t even have all the parts of the dress. It’s over priced too. F***ing ridiculous. *Towards me* Hey why is this so d*mn expensive?

Me: It’s the prices we were given. We can’t change them.

Customer: I should get a discount for the belt missing

Me: If there is a problem with the dress you can ask the cashiers to help you with that. However it’s likely we didn’t get a belt with it to begin with.

Customer: Well that’s f***ing stupid. You are no help. I want my discount now.

Me: Ma’am I cannot authorize a discount, the cashiers can call a manager to help you. Or if you wish I can go find one to help you now.

Customer: I don’t want the d*mn manager. I WANT A DISCOUNT!

Me: *Gets one of the managers on duty and explains the situation.*

Manager: [My name] has informed of the situation with the belt. And she is correct if there is no belt on the dress and it’s also no upfront there is no belt. We cannot give you a discount for this because you can get a different belt or remove the belt straps.

Customer: THIS IS B***S*** I JUST WANTED A DICOUNT. HORRIBLE SERVICE. WHAT STORE DOESN’T HAVE THE BELT. (She than drops the dress and storms out of the store)

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Background: I work as a pharmacy technician for a well-known chain. When we have sick children (specifically, 10 years and younger) we put antibiotics in a powdered form, and then reconstitute them (add water) when they’re picked up. The pharmacist will usually write “mix” directly on the label, so that the prescriptions are put next to the sink we use for reconstituting. This particular incident happened with a mother picking up her child’s medicine in the drive-thru, and was handled by a co-worker, not myself.

Co-worker: Hi, welcome to [company], how can I help?

Customer (hands her an empty prescription bag with label): Hi, I came to pick up my daughter’s prescription earler, and I didn’t receive it in here

(Note: Mixes can only done by the pharmacist, so to speed up the process, a tech might ring out the sale, and have the customer wait for the mix to the side. Occasionally, a customer will leave without the mix, so we usually store them in the fridge until they come back to pick them up)

Co-worker: I do apologize ma’am, what is your daughter’s name and DOB?

(The customer gives this to her, and she checks the fridge. There’s no mixes, so she double checks the computer to make sure that it was done.)

Co-worker: Ma’am, it says that you picked up this prescription yesterday. Did you maybe misplace it at home?

Customer: no, I didn’t misplace it, I couldn’t mix it.

Co-worker (confused): couldn’t mix it?

Customer: yeah, there wasn’t any mix in the prescription, just the liquid in the bottles, so I threw them out.

(at this point, I’m face palming off to the side where the customer can’t see, and my co-worker is doing everything possible not to herself)

Co-worker: Ma’am, the note “mix” is for the PHARMACIST to mix the medication, not you. You’re only supposed to measure out the liquid and give it to her

Customer (annoyed): well how was I supposed to know that? It said “MIX” right on the label!

(Note: The directions are printed clearly on both the label, AND on each individual bottle, so she would have to ignore at least 2 sets of instructions and only reading a penciled in writing without any specific instructions)

Co-worker: I’m sorry ma’am for the confusion

Customer: Can’t you just give me another bottle of medicine? She’s very sick.

Co-worker: Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The insurance company has already paid for one set of medication this month, they won’t be able to cover another one done so soon after the first.

(The customer at this point is irate, and demands to speak to the pharmacist. The pharmacist re-explains everything my co-worker just told her, but suggests she gets an exception for a lost medication from the insurance company to avoid having to pay out-of-pocket. This takes about 2 hours, the pharmacist this time does not write “mix” anywhere on the prescription, and we put a note in her daughter’s profile NOT to write “mix” on any reconstitutions. As far as I know, this hasn’t happened since)

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