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(During my summers I work for a minor league team as bat boy, which is what the players call me even though I’m female. On the night in question I’m working for the visiting team. Their trainer, a very overweight man, decided to stand outside the dugout, something that is very unusual. I quickly understand why he’s standing with me when he starts making sexist comments, non-stop. Finally he leaves to do something, during which the sun sets and the temperature drops quite a bit. I’m chilly, so I put on my jacket.)

Trainer: “Jacket? It’s not that cold.”

Me: *giving him a pointed look* “I’m not surprised you think so. I mean, with all that blubber to keep you warm…”

Trainer: “…you’ve been waiting to use that all night, haven’t you?”

Me: “D*** straight.”

(Without another word the trainer goes to sit down in the dugout. I don’t see him for the rest of the night.)

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I work for a pretty well-known software company doing application support. The application I support is an ERP system – so large that documentation does not usually go down to the nitty-gritty of how things are designed. We have a hot issue from a customer who just did a MASSIVE upgrade – we’re talking a decade or so worth of updates at once. Development has already sent a fix for them to test, but we send them a document from our Knowledge Base about a new-ish feature that may also be contributing to the problem. It’s a VERY thorough feature description with considerations and some potential impacts if customers have done certain things. (Note that we already had someone go over the whole feature and known issues with the customer.)

Customer updates the ticket: This document is focused specifically at the structure level, and does not provide any information on where it’s being used or the impact. It doesn’t mention this [completely unrelated thing]! That document is totally deficient and provides no information! If you’re going to use this feature in your delivered application, your document should point out every single place it’s used….in multiple places! All possible impacts of each use!

I begin messaging the manager when we see it.

Me: I’m….not quite sure how to respond to that as we already went over it with them…Also I’ve never seen someone get so angry at a document lol. They were perfectly happy on the phone.

Manager: I know!

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(I work in a popular pet store. The till area is a large square at the front of the store and there are things like scissors and other useful items for if a customer is wanting to see anything opened up before they buy it. As it’s a pet store it’s not unusual to open up things like collars and harnesses to try them on the dog first.
My colleague has just tried to use scissors to cut a cable tie but has slipped and cut her hand instead.)

Colleague 1: “Ouch, it’s quite deep”.
I see her getting a plaster and find out what’s happened.
Me: “You can’t just stick a plaster on it. You have to clean it out first.”
Colleague 1:”They’re new scissors though, so it’s not like they’re all germy”
Me: “It doesn’t matter, you should still clean it before you do anything else”
Colleague 2: “Yeah you should really go clean it first. I’ll watch the till for you while you go”
Colleague 1:” What do I clean it with? Soap and water?”
Me: “No, go get a wipe out of the first aid kit”
Colleague 1: “We have a first aid kit?”
I take her through to the back to show her where the first aid kit is and what she should use to clean it out with. She rinses it off under the tap first while I dig a wipe out.
Colleague 1: “Will you do it for me? I don’t think I can do it to myself”
I get the wipe out and clean her wound ad best I can
Me: “It’s quite deep. You might need to go get stitches.”
Manager comes in then holding a bunch of paper towels.
Manager: “So I’ve just had to clean up a trail of blood all the way from the till. What happened?!”
Colleague explains what she did. Manager has a look at her hand.
Manager: “Yeah, you need to go to the hospital and get stitches for that.”
Colleague 1: “Really?! I didn’t think it was that bad”
Manager: “Its quite deep, and it’s where it is too that’ll make it really hard to close up. Not sure if you’ll need proper stitches or if they’ll just glue it but you definitely need to go get it seen too.”
Colleague: “Do you want me to wait til the end of my shift first?” She only has about an hour left of her shift.
Manager: “No (name), go to the hospital.”
Colleague: “Are you sure? It’s only an hour anyway.”
Manager: “Really, go to the hospital”
She stands there for a minute like she’s still not sure if she really should be leaving work to go get a wound seen too.
Me: “seriously (name), go to the hospital”.
She finally leaves to go get herself sorted out.
Manager: “what kind of person does she think I am that I wouldn’t let her go to the hospital for stitches?!”

Not really a bad co-worker story. More like a what is this poor girl used to if she didn’t think she would be allowed to get medical attention when she was at work?! She was ready to just stick a plaster on a gaping wound at the till and carry on.
And yes, it did get need glued closed.

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At a toy store. We have an electronic section for video games, systems, headphones, and musical instruments for beginners. So we have a protection plan to cover those items in case if anything happens. As a Sales Associate I had to tell customers if their products qualify for it, and if they would like it, for an additional price. It was near the end of the night, we close at 9, it was about 7:30ish. We usually have one or two customers in this late. So I was the only cashier up at the time, the other one was on break and mine was going to happen when she came back to cover for me.

Customer #1: *walks up places items down*
Me: Hi, how are ya today? *rings a plushie through*
Customer #1: Fine thanks, how are you? *4 other sets of people come up to line up*
Customer #2 (behind #1): Only one cashier? They need to hire more people.
Me: *rings in an electronic toy car* Doing well thanks. And just so you know this car here qualifies for our warranty here. It’ll cover any damages-
Customer #1: NO *he cut me off*
Me: Okay, *little shaken up little tears coming out, but rings other items through*. And would you like to-
Customer #1: I SAID NO.
Me: *goes to customer service to grab a tissue bc i started crying. My other cashier co worker came out then and went on. One of my managers grabbed me and brought me to one of their offices*
Manager: You okay? [other manager name] is on cash for you. Go take your break. Take an extra 5 minutes. And calm down.

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Today at work I was asked to help a customer look for a particular food. When I found him he was on his phone. I waited to ask what I can help him with and he just held his finger in the gesture of “one moment”. I waited politely until he finished his conversation. When he hung up, he looked at me and said, “I need prescription food. Where is it?!” I replied “let me walk you over. What kind of food are you looking for in particular?” Still not being specific he said “where is the prescription food?” I responded patiently “right here. We’re in front of it.” I pointed to the different selections. Again I asked, “what kind of food are you looking for? Is it for a cat or dog?” Snidely he replied,”cat. Now where is it?!” He was getting impatient at this point. So I asked “what’s the name of it?” He told me and I looked. He didn’t bother to look at all and that set off my nerves. I noticed we didn’t have the particular flavor or “pâté” he wanted. Still looking by myself I noticed I couldn’t even find the sku for the food. I told him we don’t carry it and he yelled, “where can I find it then?!” I was a bit confused and just said “the internet.” He got pissed and yelled “I don’t think you understand. I’m from out of town and need this food today. Now, tell me where I can find it.” Not appreciating being talked to this way I got nervous and frustrated. I told him we have a pet hospital that they may know more information because at this point I can no longer assist him. He immediately asked “where is your manager. I need to speak to him.” All I could say was “okay”. And walked off. My manager dealt with the angsty customer and told him the same thing I said. “Maybe the internet?” The customer yelled “why does everyone keep telling me to go on the internet!” My manager told him “All stores are different and carry different items sometimes. Perhaps in your state only carries that particular flavor.” The rude customer of course didn’t understand this and walked off taking on his phone. Complaining to one of his out of state friends most likely. I told my manager “What I should’ve said “Next time remember your cats prescription before taking off traveling dumbass. It’s common sense!” He laughed, “Seriously. Who forgets their cats prescription?”

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