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(I come into work the day after someone important to me dies. I’m quite the little actress, if I do say so myself, and put on my super-friendly happy customer service face. No one suspects a thing. But I slip up, get distracted and make a stupid but easy-to-fix mistake. I apologize to my manager for becoming distracted and think that will be the end of it. Instead…)

Manager: “Why are you so distracted?”

(She’s not a kind person and I really don’t want to go into it with her so I stay silent.)

Manager: *now angry* “Why are you distracted?”

(I decide that telling her might be the only way to get her off my back but I can’t speak. My throat has closed as I fight back sobs.)

Manager: “I asked you a question. Why are you distracted?”

Me: *choking* “Someone I care about died yesterday.”

Manager: “Life goes on. Deal with it. You’re not allowed to talk about that here. This is a workplace.”

(I nod silently. She glares at me for a moment before stomping off. Later the business of work has helped take my mind off of personal issues and I’m going about my work smiling to customers, the face of customer service. My manager approaches me as I’m cleaning.)

Manager: *tauntingly* “Hi, [My Name]. How’re you, [My Name]? You look sad, [My Name]. Why’re you so sad, [My Name]?

(I don’t respond, keeping my eyes on my work.)

Manager: *nudging me repeatedly on the shoulder* “You look sad. Why are you sad? Why are you sad?”

(She keeps pestering me until it becomes clear that she’s not getting a rise out of me.)

Manager: “Yeah. You’re not allowed to talk about that.”

(I should have said “I’m not, [manager]. You are.”)

Not So Sweet Resolution

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Coworker: “Hey, you have to pick a name. We’re doing secret Santa.”

Me: “Sorry, but I’m visiting family over December, so I won’t be here.”

Coworker: “DUH! That’s why you pick a name now, and then we can all open them at the Christmas party.”

Me: “When is the party?”

Coworker: “18th December.”

Me: “To which I won’t be here…”

Coworker: “…do you maybe want to pick a d*** name and stop being an a**hole?!”

(I pick a name and buy something before I leave the week later. When I get back in January:)

Coworker: “WHERE WERE YOU?!”

Me: “I told you. I was visiting family over December.”

Coworker: “You should have said. [Coworker] got you a box of sweets, but I decided to take them home. Otherwise, they would have been eaten just being left here.”

Me: “So, where are they?”

Coworker: “I ate them.”

Me: “…”

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(During a break, a coworker and I are talking about stuff like our wages.)

Coworker: ‘It’s really unfair! When I earn more, I have to pay more taxes! That’s MY money! I want to safe that for later!’

(Although I see her point, I’m more of the opinion that income tax is a fair thing, since poor people are unable to pay more. Also, our wages our very low, so what is she complaining about?)

Me: ‘Well, on the other hand, there have to be taxes. If not, who’s gonna make sure that a company gets paid to restore the pavement in your street? Who’s gonna pay the sewer workers? And of course there’s government employees, like the police.’

Coworker: ‘Pfff! The police is stupid. When my friend’s car was stolen, they didn’t do anything!’

Me: ‘Really?’

Coworker: ‘Yes, he never got his car back! It’s their job, so why didn’t it happen?’

Me: ‘Well, I guess, if the car is stolen, it’s not very easy to find it again. How should they do that?’

Coworker: ‘Well, there’s camera footage, isn’t there?’

Me: ‘So wait. Let’s assume that there would be camera’s on every street everywhere in the country… which isn’t the case. Then you would have an unimaginable amount of options where to look, since there are so many cameras and you don’t know where the car was at which moment. There are many, many cars in this country, right? The stolen car could be anywhere in the country, or even taken abroad already. Also, many cars get stolen, so they can’t go and put all their detectives on that. So, how do you suggest they should find it?’

Coworker: ‘Pff, it’s easy to find, it’s an oldtimer car! And they have camera footage, right?’

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(I’m a clerk in an office, and my group is the support staff. We deal with outpatient paperwork on a daily basis. There are four of us. Sometimes we have to call providers requesting more information. When we do, we notate it in a log, or have them put our name on the fax cover sheet so we know who gets that paperwork. However, that doesn’t always happen. One of my coworkers (we call her DS – for DipShit) is as dense as a sack of hair and is constantly whining about having too much work (she has the same amount as everyone else), and will do anything to put off her pending work on someone else. She’s smart, knows how to do her job, and when the mood strikes her – she does it quite well. Her game is to play dumb – like she doesn’t know what she’s doing, and doesn’t pay attention until her name is said repeatedly, at which point she gets cranky.)
I’m stamping the incoming faxes and notice there is one sheet for a form that providers fill out, and send to my office. On the fax coversheet the provider has written “Here is the first page you asked for. Any questions, please call me.” the following takes place.
Me saying name of provider & client: “is anyone working on this?”

Coworker 1: “no.”

DS: “uh, no.”

Me: “DS – didn’t you make some phone calls this morning asking for more info from providers?”

DS: “I made a lot of phone calls. I don’t know.”

Me: “it’s (repeating provider & client names). You sure?”

DS: “is it (provider intern)?”

Me: “yes. Do you have that chart?”

DS: “well I got a phone call about something that they said.”

Me: “Do. You. Have. The. Chart?”

DS: “I don’t think so.”

Me: “please look.”

DS: “but I got a phone call – “

Me cutting her off mid-sentence: “you already said that.”

Coworker 3 (exasperated): “gimme the damn paper! You guys are like Abbott & Costello! Who’s On First?”

DS: “what? Someone called about it.”

Me: “oh my god.” (I go in my supervisor’s office so she can log it in, and DS follows me.)

DS (holding the client’s chart in her hand): “oh. Is this what you want?”

Me: “YES!”

DS (starts handing it to me): “well, here.”

Me: “No. I’m not working on it. YOU are. Here.” (I put it on the chart, and walk out of the office.)

DS: “but you wanted it.”

Me: “no I don’t. YOU’RE working on it.” (I walked back to my desk)

She wound up complaining to the supervisor about it, but to no avail. She had to do it. Along with all the other pending she has stacked on her desk. She really is a lazy sod.

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I work for a law office as the receptionist. When it gets busy, I tend to jot names down so I can go back to type information in under each client’s notes. There are times I have to go back through the client names to confirm I’ve written full notes in. As I’m going through the list one day, I notice an A&A Floors. For the life of me, I can’t figure out which client this is and why I’ve written it down. I even look it up with the intent call them to make sure the lawyer hasn’t contacted them concerning our floors. There isn’t an A&A Floors in our location, so I ask the lawyer and my coworkers about it. They don’t know a thing about it, either. I have given up on figuring out who that is when my coworker takes a look at my list and points out, “It says A&A Flores. I think you mean the twins.” Apparently I had shortened their name in my rush to answer phone calls, and couldn’t even read my own writing well enough to make the name out.

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