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I work at a popular donut chain in this state in one of the very few without a drive thru. Most of the stores close at 8 have a drive thru open until midnight or later. I get a phone call 10 minutes before 8.

Caller: How late are you open till?

Me: Doors lock at 8.

The caller then promptly hangs up. As it’s getting close to closing I start going through the counts and moving most of the racks and pots to the cleaning station. At 8 i go and lock the doors and shut off the lights. 30 minutes later as I’m bringing the donuts to the dumpster I almost get taken out by an suv. The drivers get out and run to the door. I take a picture of them holding my watch up so the time can be seen and the people at the door because Im pretty sure this is going to be a complaint.

Driver: Are you f-ing kidding me! That b++ch said they were open! Why are the damned doors locked!

Passenger: This is an injustice! We’ll have her job with this one!

They hadn’t noticed me at the dumpster, not being quiet, and tore out of the parking lot. The next morning the owner is in the store and pulls me into this office.

Owner: So I heard you closed the store down early and laughed in a customer’s face while they were politely trying to ask you if they could just get a coffee and sandwich.

Me: That’s ridiculous.

Owner: The man said he called at 5 and asked if you were open and the showed up at 6 and you’d locked the doors in his face.

Me: First of all, the only call I got was at 7:50 and the people didn’t show up till 8:30, were making all sorts of noise, and being all sorts of rude.

Owner: Do you have any proof of that because at this point it’s your word against his.

I pulled up the picture I took showing my watch and the customers. The owner shrugged and I went to start my shift, without an apology, and I left 2 weeks later because if he wasn’t going to have my back in that situation or admit a customer could have been wrong I didn’t need that job.

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I moved to Florida from Iowa a little over a year ago and quickly got a job at somewhat popular bbq place. On a somewhat busy night i had to seat the door.

Me: Hi welcome to (restaurant’s name) how many tonight?

Woman 1: Three please

Woman 2: The third ones wondering around

Just then the third person, an elderly man walks up.

Man: yeah im from Iowa

Thinking hes acrually from Iowa i open my mouth to say I’m from Iowa as well when one the ladies speaks before me.

Woman 1: Yeah idiots out wondering around!

She starts grinning and chuckling to herself as soon as i release the joke i look at her with a grin myself.

Me: Um ma’am?

Woman 1: yes dear?

Me: I’m from Iowa.

Her eyes went so wide and she grabbed my arm and started to apologize like crazy. I kept twlling her it was fine and that it had actaul made me laugh. She made my day with her reaction. Before she left i told her i would try not to wonder around to much.

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I work at a video game store.

A kid with a slight stutter comes up to me with a M rated game, meaning you have to be 17 or older with proff that your old enough if you look under 30.

He sets the game on my counter,

Kid: “Umm.. my, my grandma said that you could call her and she’ll tell you that I can buy this game.”

Me:”…unfortunatly, that isnt how this works… She has to be here in the store in order to give you permission. We have no way of verifying someone over the phone is they are who they said they are.”

Kid: (looking aggitated) “Oh come on! cant you do it? Come on!”

Me: “Sorry, but those are the rules.”

Kid stomps away without his M rated game. This kind of thing happens ALL the time. That or I get people who are 17-19 that are surprised Im checking thier I.D.

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(I am cleaning the front end at the start of my shift while my manager and a coworker are figuring out who we have for the departments. My coworker is reading off names and my manager is seeing where we can place them. For the most part I have been quiet… then gets to this name.

Coworker: Alexa, who’s Alexa

Me: (poking my head through the wall gap) She’s with Amazon.

I then get back to work while my manager stairs in confusion and my coworker cracks up laughing.

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Many years ago I worked at a very famous sandwich shop. I’d worked for the company about a year at a previous store prior to this story. I had just left my first store and started as a floater for another chain of stores under a different District Manager. I worked a last second shift at one store and the manager who I just call Boss most of the time, loved my work ethic and said that he wanted me to stay at his store permanently. We all had a lot of fun joking around. There were many times I had to tell customers that the yelling they were hearing from the back was just them joking around with each other. It was a lot of fun and I was made night shift lead within 2 weeks because of previous experience.
Then there was a this one guy, 16 or 17 year old kid, who I’ll just call Kid. He wasn’t a bad worker really, but he would never do the dishes. He’d do anything else I asked, but not the dishes. He’d always do something else and leave them for me. That made us get out later because as shift lead I had to count the drawer and stock every night. So I would usually ask the other worker to do the last bit of dishes after closing while I did counts and we’d be out of there. This kid wouldn’t do the stupid dishes. When I asked him why his was response was “It’s woman’s work. I don’t do woman’s work.” I thought it was a joke he was stringing along for far too long. I thought this because Boss was from the Middle East and was always joking about himself and his religion, and part of that was about “woman’s work”…most of us were females.. working in a kitchen making sandwiches…you can see why it was an on going joke. Don’t worry we were all well humored and no one got offended.
Anyway, after a while Boss was getting on me about getting out so late and I kept telling him why. He just told me to be more demanding about it. I was just too nice, which was probably true. I rarely demanded anything from anyone. I always asked what people liked doing most and had them do that since it made them more productive. We’d always divide up the duties and they would we figure out what duties they’d do while I did counts. I didn’t always have the other person do dishes. I just really hate doing dishes. So if the other person hated it just as much we’d kinda figure things out between us for the night, and when we worked together we’d alternate dishes. Occasionally, after my longer shifts, I’d just have them do all the dishes and I’d take on everything else..and I usually finished faster and helped with dishes anyway. I’m fast with them, but I hate them.
You also have to understand that I am a lesbian and very open about it and everyone at work knew. It’s not hard to guess my sexuality as I’m quite…butch, I guess…and commonly mistaken for a guy. One day Boss is there when I come in and the kid is already there. They were chit chatting about the day with another employee. It had been really busy and that’s why Boss was still there. When I walk in, I see a stack of dishes and think that it’s my chance to get Boss to this kid in action. So I quickly clean the front so that I can get back there to “assess what needs to be done”. Essentially I wanted to get back there and asked the kid to take care of dishes in front of Boss. And here’s the short conversation that followed:

Me: Kid, can you get started on the dishes so I can do (some other menial task that wasn’t dishes)

Kid: (smirks) That’s woman’s work. I don’t do woman’s work.

Me: I’m serious. You need to start on dishes. I don’t care if that’s the only thing you do tonight. Everyone else does dishes sometimes, even Boss. You are doing the dishes tonight.

Kid: No! I’m not doing the dishes. That’s woman’s work. I don’t do that s***. (still while laughing, but obviously a little annoyed)

Boss: Well, Kid, if it’s woman’s work then you’d better get started, My Name is more of man you are. And if you don’t do the dishes you can just go home.

The words “go home” meant he’ll think about letting you come back, either way you’re suspended in a manner of speaking. Kid, mumbled and grumbled and started on dishes. He did that most of the night, and I thanked him for doing what I asked him to. We talked about a bit and started alternating on dishes and never had another issue about it. We actually started to enjoy working together once he realized I’m not hard to get along with, you just gotta do dishes once in a while. Sadly he was fired later on, but that’s a story for another time.

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