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I am a 19-year-old female, working as a security officer at a large football stadium. The officer training me suggests I have a fake wedding ring on so guys will leave me alone during work as they have had problems in the past with temp workers harassing unmarried women. I don’t think much of it and just wear a cheap ring that passes for real. The ring seems to do it’s job and I don’t get bothered a lot. I’ve seen guys start walking over to me and then see the ring and just turn-around, so I get work done.

Fast-forward a few months and I have just finished patrolling the top floor during night shift when I get water on my hands from cleaning up a spill on the floor. As I’m in the elevator heading down, some night cleaners get in on the next floor down. I’m by the doors so I hit their floor number and take off my ring to dry my hands before the ring turns it green. One of the workers turns back to face the door and see me without the ring on and in a heartbeat just starts hitting on me with creepy and suggestive pickup lines.

It was beyond creepy for several reasons; he was old enough to be my father, I was only 19 and the youngest security officer, I was in the corner because of a the group with him being very close to me, and he saw me with the (fake) ring on before I took it off so he knew I was already (fake) married to someone. Thankfully some of the older night cleaners told him to knock it off and moved him away before their floor came up and told him he was going to be written up for bothering female workers again, he apparently has a problems doing this kind of thing and keeps using the race card to avoid getting fired.

I got down to the basement where the security base is and told my supervisor about this guy his only response was, ” Did you encourage him to talk to you or flirt with him?” He thought I was the one be problematic even after I told him I didn’t even know the guy, my supervisor was blaming me for the guy making suggestive comments to me and later on when I was leaving the shift told me not to flirt with coworkers again or be reprimanded.

I quit shortly after as well as other female workers, it is no surprise why that stadium has a hard time keeping workers.

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(Over a year ago I landed a dream job. Might not be my dream position, but the company is a dream to work for. As such, I’m usually very happy all the time and talkative with my awesome coworkers. They know me to be a bit of a nut and I jokingly say they only put up with me because of the treats my wife brings them since she’s a professional baker.)

“Huh…You know what I just realized?” – me

“Uh oh…what?” – coworker

“We’ve been denied the greatest fight never put to film!” – me

“What one is that? Do I want to know?” – coworker

“You KNOW you do. We’ve never seen Rocky in a boxing match with Conan!” – me

“The barbarian?!?!” – coworker

“YEAH!!! I mean, he’s fought Mr T…he even beat up He-Man!” – me

My coworker looks at me slightly confused when I tell him about the He-Man part.

“Dolph Lundgren played He-Man in Masters of the Universe, so you know…” – me

“Oh, that’s right, he did!” – coworker

“Right, so think about it: It wouldn’t be fair fro Rocky to get into a sword fight with Connan, but Connan SHOULD be able to get into a fist fight, right? I mean, he DID punch a camel out once!” – me, every excited

“Dear…god…whatever is going on in that brain of yours…if it’s in the food, the water, or hidden messages they’re pumping into us through our computer screens, I don’t want it!” – coworker

“Yes you do. You will assimilate or be devoured.” – me, giving a creep evil smile

“…going back to work!” – coworker, turning his back to me

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My mom relates this story to me after she gets home from work.

At her company, she works in an office with about four cubicles and two offices were the managers. [Manager #1] came in, said ‘good morning’ and, when he didn’t receive a response, walked to a workers cubicle, leaned close and said ‘GOOD MORNING’. The worker replies ‘I heard you, but I’m busy’ and [Manager #1] stomps into his office and later calls my mother in, who sees HR in there as well.

[Manager #1] insists that the worker should be written up, because he didn’t say good morning.

HR says he’s being ridiculous and that my mother, as the worker’s supervisor, can talk to him about it.

Apparently, [Manager #1] has been told repeatedly not to be involved in my mother’s people’s business, and he essentially has no power to do anything, as he’s just there as the eyes and ears of the mother company, who doesn’t give two hoots about a worker not saying good morning.

My mother had to physically restrain herself from rolling her eyes.

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(I come into work the day after someone important to me dies. I’m quite the little actress, if I do say so myself, and put on my super-friendly happy customer service face. No one suspects a thing. But I slip up, get distracted and make a stupid but easy-to-fix mistake. I apologize to my manager for becoming distracted and think that will be the end of it. Instead…)

Manager: “Why are you so distracted?”

(She’s not a kind person and I really don’t want to go into it with her so I stay silent.)

Manager: *now angry* “Why are you distracted?”

(I decide that telling her might be the only way to get her off my back but I can’t speak. My throat has closed as I fight back sobs.)

Manager: “I asked you a question. Why are you distracted?”

Me: *choking* “Someone I care about died yesterday.”

Manager: “Life goes on. Deal with it. You’re not allowed to talk about that here. This is a workplace.”

(I nod silently. She glares at me for a moment before stomping off. Later the business of work has helped take my mind off of personal issues and I’m going about my work smiling to customers, the face of customer service. My manager approaches me as I’m cleaning.)

Manager: *tauntingly* “Hi, [My Name]. How’re you, [My Name]? You look sad, [My Name]. Why’re you so sad, [My Name]?

(I don’t respond, keeping my eyes on my work.)

Manager: *nudging me repeatedly on the shoulder* “You look sad. Why are you sad? Why are you sad?”

(She keeps pestering me until it becomes clear that she’s not getting a rise out of me.)

Manager: “Yeah. You’re not allowed to talk about that.”

(I should have said “I’m not, [manager]. You are.”)

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Coworker: “Hey, you have to pick a name. We’re doing secret Santa.”

Me: “Sorry, but I’m visiting family over December, so I won’t be here.”

Coworker: “DUH! That’s why you pick a name now, and then we can all open them at the Christmas party.”

Me: “When is the party?”

Coworker: “18th December.”

Me: “To which I won’t be here…”

Coworker: “…do you maybe want to pick a d*** name and stop being an a**hole?!”

(I pick a name and buy something before I leave the week later. When I get back in January:)

Coworker: “WHERE WERE YOU?!”

Me: “I told you. I was visiting family over December.”

Coworker: “You should have said. [Coworker] got you a box of sweets, but I decided to take them home. Otherwise, they would have been eaten just being left here.”

Me: “So, where are they?”

Coworker: “I ate them.”

Me: “…”

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