Their Racism Is In Pole(ish) Position

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I have an Eastern European first name, for no other reason than that my parents liked the sound of it.

I’m working for a temp agency and I get a call to come down to the centre for a day-long job out in the surrounding countryside. A couple of other temps have volunteered their cars to take the rest of us out to where we meet the client and follow him out to the field we were working in. We do the work, get paid for a full eight hours after working for six, and everyone piles back into the cars and goes home happy.

On the way back, the driver catches my eye in the rearview mirror and tells me that she wasn’t initially sure about having me in her car. When I ask her why not, she replies that when she saw my name on the list she thought I was Polish and that, “you wouldn’t talk to any of us.” All I could think of to say was that I had been born in [Midlands Town] and had lived in England all my life.

It made me so angry, partly because this was the first time someone had discriminated against me in a direct way, although by mistake, partly because I find any kind of racism or discrimination baffling — I’ve realised that it isn’t so much that I love everyone equally but that I’m indifferent to everyone equally — and partly because by admitting to it she seemed to expect that I would agree with her sentiments or find her expressing them like that to be acceptable.

I kind of wish I’d made a fuss but we were still several miles out with no other way for me to get back, and I didn’t fancy getting kicked out of the car for having a go at someone I wasn’t likely to ever see again.

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Your Numbering Is Off But I Can’t Put My Finger On It

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(Dad holds up four fingers.)

Dad: “I need three pills.”

Me: “Are you sure? You’re holding up four fingers.”

Dad: “Well, I was only looking at three of them.”

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Unfiltered Story #119027

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(we make car keys for almost anything but also make house keys 3 for $1)

Customer: I need a key for a 2012 ford fusion

Me: Ok let me look that one up

(can have up to 8 keys and i only need one to program the others)

That one would be $69.99

Customer: thats awesome ill take one, i just lost one!

Me: ok it will take about half an hour.

so i get into the car hook the programmer up and check how many keys it has programmed to it, 8. so i try to run the programmer under a few other cars thinking maybe its not communicating correctly. most cars have 2 or 3 programmed to them. so i went back inside and told her that i needed to reset her car to program the keys and how it happens if a few people loose the keys before she bought it. so if she needed to have all the keys here to get another otherwise they would be deleted.

she looked at me: I have 7 keys here.

there she was digging through here trunk in the parking lot pulling out purses panties trash fast food bags and who knows what else for an hour finding all her keys muttering about her ex-husband the whole time.

They Were Not In Concert When They Got To The Concert

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(I’m at a concert for a group I’m just getting into. I only know one of their songs but I’m having a great time. They take a pause, and the lead singer walks to the front of the stage.)

Singer: “When we were just getting here, we ran into a guy outside who was crying. He told us his girlfriend had just broken up with him, here. He’d been so pumped about going to a concert with his girlfriend, and once they got here, she left for good. So! Everyone in the audience! SAY, ‘THAT’S BULLS***!’”

Audience: “THAT’S BULLS***!”

Singer: “THAT’S BULLS***!”

Audience: “THAT’S BULLS***!”

(The concert proceeded as normal from that point on. To those of you who have been broken up with at events you and your partner went to together: that’s bulls***.)

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Going Into This Story Blindly

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(I’m sitting with my dad and my little sister in the living room, chatting.)

Sister: “So, there’s this dog, and it’s got no eyes.”

Dad: “Is it blind?”

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