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I work as a bagger at a large grocery store chain. I am bagging a woman’s groceries when she starts talking to me. Keep in mind I was a totally normal 16 year old and this was my first job.

Customer: “So you work here, what do your parents do?”

Me: “Well my parents are both engineers at [a large local engineering firm.”]

Customer: “Oh wow! You must be on the autism spectrum then!

Me: “Nope.” (hand her the bag) “Have a nice day.”

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Customer walks over to the customer service area and says she has a return. She angrilly yells at me about some terrible food she bought and I offered a refund for her purchase.

Me: “Alright so for the return I will need a receipt.”

Customer: “Fine!” *throws me receipt from a competitor grocery store down the road*

Me: “Umm this is from [compeitor store].”
(At this point I realize that her entire return she was yelling at me about was actually from the other store and not my store and she realizes that she has gone into the completely wrong store to complain.)

Customer: *looks around anxiously then darts out the door leaving her receipt behind as well as a crowd of laughing onlookers*

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One day when I worked at a luxury lingerie store I had 2 Russian women come in, they tried on all the same things, in the same room. A few minutes later a Russian man came in and asked for the women. I directed him to them. They all spend a while in the room whispering in Russian and giggling every time I went to check on them. Finally the women leave shooting me a strange look and still whispering in Russian, and the man follows behind shortly, carrying 2 of several items to the register.
I ring him up, carefully package the items and hand him the bag. He just stared at me a moment then flipped over his receipt and hands me my pen and says:
‘Write your number down here. I’ll call you’.
Me: ‘Sir thank you, but I don’t think my boyfriend or your girlfriends would appreciate that very much.’
Customer: ‘My girls don’t mind at all and your boyfriend does not need to know. Your number now, please.’
Me: handing him my store business card which only has the company number on it ‘this is the number to the store, I’d be glad to help the 3 of you again with a purchase and only a purchase. Have a wonderful evening.’
Customer: ‘You American women can be so difficult.’
He finally got the hint and left.

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I’m checking customers out on my lane. An elderly man begins placing his items on my conveyor belt and I begin to ring them.

Me “Did you find everything alright today?”

Customer “No”

Me “Well is there anything I can help you find?”

Customer “How about a hooker?”

Me “…”

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(I am walking into my job, carrying my purse and lunchbox and wearing a jacket over my store t-shirt. A customer watches me walk in and then approaches me.)

Customer: “Hey, can you help me?”

Me: “Um, this isn’t my department. Why don’t I get someone from the Men’s Department over here for you.”

Customer: “But I need help with this suit now, not in half an hour!”

Me: “I’m sure I can get someone over here quickly. I really don’t know anything about the suits and I am not even clocked in yet.”

Customer: “But you work here, so you should be able to help me.”

Me: *getting desperate* “I can’t carry my things around the store. Security doesn’t like that.”

Customer: “I’m sure it will be fine. Now, does this suit come in black or gray? I need a 34.”

Me: “I really don’t know.” *I catch sight of a coworker who actually works in the suit section* “[COWORKER]! Could you please help this gentleman find a suit?”

Customer: “No, I asked you to help me, not to pawn me off on someone else.”

Me: “Sir, I really don’t know anything about the suits. [Coworker] knows everything about them, and she can certainly help you much more than I can.”

(I turned and practically ran to the break room. Later on my manager said that the man had complained about my attitude, and about the fact that I was carrying my purse and lunch bag around the store.)

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