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Her Parenting Ain’t Worth Spit

, , , | Right | December 9, 2021

A family of about twelve comes in. Due to health guidelines, we’re only allowed to seat six per table. They walk up to me and one of the ladies says:

Customer: “We have a reservation for fifteen but we might have a couple more coming.”

So this isn’t even all of them?!

Me: *Politely.* “We can’t accept tables bigger than six, and we’re also not taking reservations at the moment.”

Customer: *Livid.* “You liar! I called earlier and you accepted my reservations!”

Her complaining goes on and on. I go to grab my manager and he basically says everything I said. Then she gets aggressive, points her finger in my face, spitting on me as she shouts:

Customer: “My kid’s dinner is ruined and they’re gonna starve now! It’s all your fault!”

Me: “It’s not my fault you’re incompetent and make false promises to your kids. Don’t blame being a bad mom on me because I just work here.”

Soooooo my boss sends me on time out, but I didn’t get fired. He told me to just leave next time if I’m gonna get upset.

Being Babies Over The Baby Vouchers

, , , | Right | December 4, 2021

In the UK, if you have babies and young children and are on a very low income or receive certain benefits, you’re given vouchers to use when you’re buying fruit and veg, milk, and baby formula. There are very specific rules to what is and is not covered by the vouchers. You wouldn’t believe the number of arguments I’ve had with entitled idiots over the use of these coupons!


No, they are a processed food item.


No, that’s either a lie or illegal, as these are GOVERNMENT-ISSUED and you’re supposed to use them to feed your babies.


I am not allowed to give change because my till will only let you use it for the exact amount; otherwise, I’m prompted “insufficient” and, therefore, I’ll either give you back your coupon to use next time or ask if you want to buy something else to make up the amount.


It’s literally printed in bold font on the front AND back of every coupon.

The list is endless.

The Incredible Hulk Goes Shopping

, , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: ANONYMOUS BY REQUEST | December 2, 2021

I work in a large home improvement store. The health crisis is at its peak in my state and lines are bonkers at our store — wrapped around the inside of the store to the back wall. As you may imagine, we have many crazies come in over this time, as well as just impatient and frustrated people, which is understandable.

There is a line at self-checkout and this guy is already huffing and puffing and causing a scene in line about having to use self-checkout and having to wait in line. He gets to the self-checkout and proceeds to reluctantly scan his items. As he gets ready to pay, the card reader declines his card due to a chip error — we still don’t know if it was the card or the reader, as our new readers do this a lot.

So, what is the natural reaction for the customer in this situation? Ask for help? Retry the card again?

No. The man straight-up sucker punches the screen, breaking the screen and damaging the LEDs in the screen, rendering the whole system useless as our registers are all on one computer.

My coworker calls over our store manager to notify her that this man has just damaged about $700 worth of stuff and caused a scene while doing it. The store manager shows up to speak with him, and what do you think she does? Call the police? Have Asset Protection put this man on a trespass notice and force him to pay for damages?

No. She gives him all his stuff for free and makes no effort to punish him for breaking our stuff. This makes our jobs more difficult as we have to wait well over a week for a new computer, and this is one of the only two self-checkout machines that take cash, so it slows our lines even more.

I’m so glad I’m out of retail and only have to deal with people yelling at me over the phone now!

There’s Really No Diplomatic Way To Handle This

, , , , , , , | Friendly | December 2, 2021

My son and I were on the last row of an airline flight. Three teens were in the seats across the aisle. They seemed quiet during the flight and I really didn’t pay attention to them. Then, it happened. They jumped up from their seats before the plane came to a stop at the gate.

Teen #1: “Let’s get out of here!”

There was no way in h*** I was going to let them rush to the front of the plane, so I stepped out into the aisle to block them.

Teen #2: “We’re late for our connecting flight!”

Me: “No, you’re not. The plane landed fifteen minutes early.”

Teen #3: *Shouting* “We’re diplomats!”

Me: “All three of you?”

Teens: “Yes, we’re diplomats!”

Me: “You mean you have a parent who is a diplomat?”

Teens: “No, we’re diplomats! We need to get to our connecting flight!”

Me: “You need to wait your turn like everyone else.”

Teen #3: *Shouting* “You’re being racist because we have brown skin!”

Me: “No, you’re in the back of the plane and need to wait like the rest of us.”


The teens then started crawling over the tops of all the seats, over people’s heads, toward the front of the plane. At some point, I lost track of them because my son and I had to gather our belongings. When we finally made it into the terminal, several airport staff, including security, had detained the teens and were explaining to them that they could not possibly be late for their connecting flight because we arrived early. One of the teens spotted me and started pointing vigorously at me.

Teen #3: “There she is! She wouldn’t let us pass! She’s being racist because we have brown skin! WE’RE DIPLOMATS!”

I explained the whole situation to security. They asked me if I wanted to press charges. Since none of the teens had actually touched me, I declined and went on my way.

A few minutes later, my son and I were sitting near our connecting gate, and guess who came laughing, scampering, and skipping through the terminal without a care in the world? The teens saw me and one took out a camera phone and started filming me. I just sat there, bemused. 

Teen #3: “Ooo, you’re in trouble now!”

I checked social media for a few days after that and never saw a viral story about some old white lady being racist. Go figure.

You Can Tow Someone To A Sign, But You Can’t Make Them Read

, , , , | Right | December 1, 2021

I worked at a very small grocery store (four aisles) to help pay for grad school. I was the manager of the restocking shift.

My job consisted of preparing the space for the delivery truck to arrive by asking people to move their cars or having them towed if they blocked access. I would then remain onsite until the truck arrived at any time from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am. Once it arrived, I would text the rest of the shift members to come in and we would restock shelves.

The signs in our parking lot clearly stated that the driver had to remain on the property with their vehicle or risk a tow. Still, many people would miss this. I became very used to dealing with upset people whose cars I had gotten towed.

One shift was on a holiday, so the store had closed early and I was the only employee present. All other stores on the property were also closed. A single car was parked in a spot directly in the way of the truck access and directly in front of a parking sign. I had to have it towed.

About an hour after the towing, I came out to the parking lot to do one of the various small things I had to do to prep and found a group of teenagers standing in the spot. I approached and asked if they were the owners of the car. One girl stepped up and said yes. 

Me: “I’m afraid that your car had to be towed because it was blocking access to the property for the delivery truck. You weren’t on the property with the vehicle, as required by our parking policy.”

Driver: “I was just visiting my brother.”

She gestured to an apartment complex across the street.

Me: “I’m afraid that the sign clearly states that you have to remain on the property with the vehicle.”

She was upset but seemed to accept it. I returned to the interior of the store. I left the rolling door for the back storage room up – a mistake – as I’d have to go back out soon to make sure no one moved the traffic cones blocking spots and parked to block access. About forty minutes later, I heard this.


I came out to find the girl and her mother standing in the middle of our storage room. I informed them that they were trespassing and directed them out into the alley behind the store.

Mom: “Are you the one that had my daughter’s car towed?”

Me: “Yes. I–”

Mom: “That’s ILLEGAL! You can only have a car towed during store hours!”

Me: “Actually, our parking agreement, as stated on the signs, does not specify any time, only the location of the driver. This is becau–”


Me: “Actually, I first found the car at 6:15. I left a note on the window and checked in over the course of the next hour before I called the truck. I’m required to clear that space by 8:00 pm as we don’t know when the truck will arrive.”


Me: “Which isn’t part of this property, putting her in violation.”

The next twenty-five minutes or so involved a phone call with the store owner and the mom repeatedly lying about what the signs said. After the fourth time I corrected the mom about the signs, her daughter went to go read them and tried to tell her mom. Her mom covered the receiver and told her to shut up. When the mom lied a fifth time, I again corrected her.

Driver: “Stop it! I already told her!”

Me: “If she wants me to stop correcting her, she is free to stop lying.”

In the end, she got nothing new from the owner. I got a lot of threats; at one point, the brother walked by later and said that he would beat me up because the truck hadn’t shown up yet, so I was clearly lying. It showed up as he was talking. The mom threatened to take me to court if I didn’t pay for the tow. I didn’t pay. She didn’t sue. Shortly after this, I quit. The little bit I was saving on student loans wasn’t worth that.