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Hop On Your Bike And Race Far Away From This Guy

, , , , | Legal | July 22, 2021

I’m a woman who races motocross as a semi-professional. Most of my free time and money go into racing, building, and repairing bikes and traveling to races.

At work one day, a new coworker starts up. He’s an attractive man and we get along well. We talk at work whenever we’re on break or lunch together, and soon, we start texting outside of work. After a few months, he gets a job offer at another business and leaves our employer, and now that we’re not coworkers, we start casually dating. Our relationship starts during the motocross off-season, so although I’ve told him everything about my hobby, it doesn’t take too much time away from our relationship.

Then, race season starts. I’m back to working on my bikes every night, traveling for races every weekend, and generally living the life of my dreams. My boyfriend, however, is not so thrilled with the amount of time apart, even though I invite him to travel with me every weekend. Eventually, he gives me an ultimatum: him or motocross. I choose motocross and we split up. I know he’s not happy, but his reaction goes way farther than I ever would have imagined.

I get home from a race weekend and the door to my race shop is hanging off the hinges. I open the door as quietly as possible, turn on the overhead floodlights, and fall to pieces when I see that everything in my shop has been destroyed.

Unfortunately for the guilty party, I have quite a few security cameras in and around my shop because, with that much valuable equipment, I didn’t want to take any chances. The video shows my ex-boyfriend and two of his friends smashing in the shop door with a sledgehammer and then going nuts in my shop with the hammer and two axes.

I take the footage to the police and file a lawsuit against the three culprits. I win my case easily, and while the money isn’t enough to replace everything in my shop, it is a nice addition to the insurance payout. My ex and his friends are also charged with breaking and entering and vandalism and are eventually found guilty by a jury and sentenced to a few months in prison.

On the bad side, I end up having to take the rest of the race season off to focus on rebuilding my shop, and I end up losing a few sponsors because I’m not racing.

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Little Monsters Are Usually Raised By Bigger Ones

, , , , , , | Right | July 21, 2021

I work in a local jewelry shop and a mother approaches the counter with three small kids in tow. Our jewelry counter has an opening in the middle where our sales computer is. The mother is taking her time inspecting every piece of jewelry while her children are running wild, screaming and crying and wrestling with each other, and banging on our glass cases.

Me: “Excuse me, guys. You can’t wrestle in here. You could get very hurt.”

The small children get very shy and start to calm down. Mom at this point has finally selected the pieces she would like to put into layaway and I start explaining the process to her. I suddenly hear something fall over and it looks like one of the kids knocked over one of our displays. Thankfully, it was plastic but they still could get very hurt. I look at the mom and, of course, she isn’t watching her “things.”

Mom: *Texting on her phone* “Stop, guys.”

Me: “Ma’am, they could get very hurt. Could you please watch them just a bit closer? The display nearly fell on them.”

Mom: “Yeah, okay, sure. Just hurry up. I have somewhere to be at two.”

Clearly, she doesn’t care nor is she interested in the fact that her children are being little monsters. I’m trying my best to hold back my eye-roll and go to grab her paperwork. All I do is walk to the opposite end of the store where the printer is, and when I come back, the children are now behind the counter, banging on the cases, trying to open the doors to the jewelry, and throwing our smaller displays for rings and necklaces around. I’m in awe that this woman hasn’t even looked up from her phone to acknowledge the fact her kids are behind the counter.

Me: “You guys can’t be back here! Please go back around! Stop throwing those; they aren’t yours!”

Mom: “Don’t yell at my kids! I’ll have you know I chose to spend my money here and not at [Competitor], and they don’t yell at my kids! This is ridiculous! They probably wouldn’t be bored had you hurried up! We could be out of here by now!”

Me: “They can’t be back here trying to open our cases and destroying our property. They had already knocked down a display and I asked you to please watch them.”

Mom: “I want your manager, and I want compensation for the potential injury that could have happened to my children!”

I run to the back to grab my manager, who is also the owner, and explain the situation. She informs me that she has been watching behind the two-way mirror.

Owner: “Ma’am, I cannot allow this sale to happen. I have heard you just as well as seen you yell at my employee instead of at your rambunctious children. I have watched your children knock over our items and run behind the counter. I would like you to please exit our store.”

She walked out the door, leaving her children still in the store. She ended up coming back in and screaming for her kids to “get in the f****** car.” I’ve haven’t seen her or her kids again.

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Your Threats Are As Real As Your Money

, , , , | Right | July 20, 2021

I am making a rather large purchase in a store that sells video games. As I’m about to pay the cashier, I notice a mild commotion at the till next to us. A man is trying to purchase something with a £50 note and is getting slowly irate with the cashier behind the till.

Cashier: “Sir, I’m sorry but you can’t pay with this; it’s fake.”

Customer: “No, it’s not. I brought that from home.”

Cashier: “Sir, regardless if you brought it from home or not, it’s fake.”

Customer: “Listen carefully, you stupid f***tard, it’s not fake! If you’re not taking my money, I want it back now!”

My cashier and I are transfixed, watching this exchange continue.

Cashier: “Sir, due to your violent behavior and the fake £50 you are desperate to get back, I will be calling the police.”

Customer: “Listen up, you f****** c***! Give me my money back now before I break your f****** arms, you s***head!”

I have to tip my hat to this legend of a cashier for the sheer amount of calm he displays during this entire spectacle. The police walk in and see what’s happening, tackle him to the floor when he resists, arrest him, and struggle to get him in the police car. The man then says the thing that damages his credibility to the abyss.

Customer: “You f***ers! I’ll sue you, you thieving wankers!”

Cashier: “By all means, go ahead! We have witnesses and have caught this all on CCTV.”

About a week later, a friend of mine who works in that store told me what happened when we met up for a chat. The man DID, in fact, try to sue, and when the lawyers got wind of the truth, they just “noped” out of the situation. The cherry on top? It turned out the customer was a banker who was known for helping out customers in cases relating to fraud.

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Cheesed Off At The Checkout

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Platypugg | July 8, 2021

I work in a health food store. One day, I am at my register on a semi-busy day and a man comes through. He’s on his phone so he’s kind of ignoring me, a tad rude, but nothing terrible. He buys some cheese and some other things and goes on his merry way. I think he is one of the many faces I will never recognize again. Right? Story over?


A few minutes go by. I am now helping another person, and suddenly, I hear the feared throat-clearing sound next to me. I have a moment of panic as I turn to face him. He’s still on the phone. Before I have a single second to reply, he shoves the cheese in my face (breaking social distancing rules), pointing to it, screaming.

Customer: “There is mold! Here, here, and here!”

And then he throws it directly in my face and storms off before he has to deal with the repercussions of his actions, like a real adult.

The woman who is at my till looks at me for a moment, concerned.

Customer #2: “Are you okay?”

Me: “That’s just one of the perks of being a cashier.”

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Throwing Around Stupidity And Wine

, , , , , , | Right | July 5, 2021

Customer: “I’ll have a beer and a large pinot.”

Me: “Red or white, sir?”

Customer: “Pinot. It’s a wine.”

Me: “Yes, sir. But pinot grigio is a white wine and pinot noir is a red one. If you really want to get technical, we also sell pinot blush, a rosé.”

Customer: “My wife only drinks white wine.”

Me: “Pinot grigio it is, then.”

I make his drinks and he pays and walks back to his table. A few seconds later, his wife approaches.

Customer’s Wife: “God. How stupid are you? My husband ordered pinot. P-I-K-N-O-T. Everyone knows pinot is a red wine.”

Me: “Well, actually, miss—”

I never did finish my sentence because she threw the wine over me.

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