Screaming Headband-ers

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(I’m autistic and have bad anxiety. After a few hours of nasty customers, I’m physically shaking and doing all I can to keep from having a full-blown panic attack. I go to retrieve some carts from the parking lot to get away from customers for a bit when a car starts honking at me and the driver is yelling to get my attention. The sudden loud noise causes me to scream like a banshee. My instinct is to run and hide somewhere, but since the point of a car horn is to alert people to potential danger, I go over to see if someone is hurt and I need to call an ambulance.)

Me: “Did you need something?”

Driver: “Yeah, do you guys sell headbands?”

The Worst Kind Of Chain Store

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(I am browsing in a shop that sells jewellery, scarves, and other accessories. I find something I want to buy and wait while they serve another customer, a young woman who is trying on a necklace. Neither the customer nor the owner speak English as a first language.)

Customer: “I’m not sure. I think the chain might be a bit long.”

Owner: “We could cut the chain, if you like.”

Customer: *noncommittally, as if she’s mulling it over* “Okay.”

(The owner’s wife immediately snatches the necklace away and cuts the chain.)

Owner: “That will be [price].”

Customer: *looks at the necklace again and tries it on with the new chain length* “No, I don’t think I want it.”

Owner: “You have to buy it now. We cut the chain for you. We can’t sell it.”

Customer: “I didn’t ask you to.”

Owner: “You said, ‘Okay.’ ‘Okay,’ means, ‘Yes.’ You don’t speak proper English. I speak English. ‘Okay,’ means, ‘Yes.’ You must buy it.”

Customer: “I don’t want to buy it.”

(Then, the owner and his wife physically manhandled the woman out of the shop, yelling about how they were going to call the police on her. I threw down the thing I was thinking of buying and ran out of the shop, too, chasing after the woman, who was sobbing on the street, to console her. I still regret not calling the police on them for assault, or even saying something to them.)

You Are A Car, I Am A Bus: Your Move

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My stepmom is a bus driver. One day she’s driving in a village where she has to make a tight right-hand turn into a one-way street. While she’s halfway into this manoeuvre a car comes down this one-way street, completely ignoring all road traffic legislations.

The driver, a man, is signing to my stepmom that she needs to get out of his way. But my stepmom has seen this behaviour many times before and isn’t going to reverse the bus. She’s inching forward while this man does the same. Soon they are bumper to bumper. The man starts honking and getting more and more aggravated.

My stepmom turns off the bus engine and tells the passengers they’re going to be a bit late.

The passengers are fine with it, telling my stepmom she can take as long as she needs.

The man gets out of the car and begins banging on the window. My stepmom calls the traffic controller asking them to call the police. By now, the road in which the back of the bus still is is completely blocked with cars, a few tractors, and a truck. The truck driver goes to check what’s the problem.

He tells the driver of the car, that’s by now trying to get into the bus, that he has to move. The man starts lunging at the truck driver. Police arrive and the man immediately tries to hit them, too. He’s arrested on the spot. A policeman moves the car and my stepmom, with all passengers, can move on.

She later heard the man thought the rules didn’t apply to him and it wasn’t the first time he’d done this. He lost his driver’s license over this latest episode and he had to pay a fine to the truck driver for assault.

Gun Controlling The Situation

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(Years ago, I played in church orchestra with a guy who occasionally packed a gun. His wife said he’d sometimes plop down on a metal folding chair with a clank from the gun. This guy was also pretty small — maybe 5’4″, 163 cm, tall. One day he is going into a convenience store and the clerk is locking the door as he goes in.)

Friend: “What’s going on?”

Clerk: “Dude back there has been shoplifting. I’ve already called the police.”

(My friend pays for his gas, and about that time the crook has found himself locked in. The shouting with the clerk quickly escalates into a knock-down, drag-out fight. My friend just stands next to the popcorn machine in the store and nibbles a little popcorn and watches the fight like it is a show. In the end, the clerk manages to wallop the guy over the head with a bottle and he goes down. The clerk came to my friend:)

Clerk: “Why didn’t you help me?”

Friend: “Why? You looked like you were doing pretty good.”

Clerk: “Yeah, but if I wasn’t, he was coming after you next.”

Friend: *pulling the pistol from his pocket* “No, he wasn’t.”

Clerk: *shocked* “You got a license for that thing?”

Friend: “Nope.”

Clerk: *unlocking the door* “Get out of here before the cops get here!”

(I love crazy people.)

Beerly Holding It Together

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(In our province it is illegal to sell alcohol after 6:00 pm in any store.)

Customer: “Can you make this quick? I’m in a hurry.”

Me: “I will go as quickly as I can, sir.”

(As I’m going through the items I notice some alcohol; it is 6:30.)

Me: “Unfortunately, sir, due to the law, we are unable to sell beer through our system past 6:00 pm.”

Customer: “Well, this is just flipping amazing. Just bypass this law and let me have my beer.”

Me: “I am sincerely sorry, sir, but unfortunately the computer system will not allow me to bypass this law.”

Customer: “Fine!”

(He then proceeded to throw the case of beer on the floor, which exploded all over the place. He bolted out. All this over beer.)


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