Doesn’t Get How Coupons Are Supposed To Work

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(I’m a supervisor at a children’s clothing store. We have a store credit card, and people who are cardholders get a coupon with their monthly statement. It’s paper, and we have no way of looking up coupons on the computer.)

Customer: *brings three bags of clearance to the register* “Price check all of this.”

Me: *politely* “Sure! No problem.”

(I scan everything; nothing is more than $6.)

Customer: “Okay, ring all of it up. I have a card here, but I don’t have it with me.”

Me: “That’s no problem, we can do a card look-up with a few questions. Your total is [less than $70] and you get 5% off for using your card today.”

Customer: “I have a 20% off coupon at home; look that up, too.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but our system doesn’t let us look up coupons. Was it an email? If so, I can scan it off your phone.”

Customer: *huffs* “No! It came with my bill. Give me the coupon.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t. We don’t have—”

Customer: *explodes* “Well! I don’t buy anything without a coupon. How dare you be so unreasonable?!”

(She then stormed out, leaving me to rehang and put away every single item. It took twenty minutes. I found out she came back the next day and complained that I didn’t hold the items, and demanded an extra discount for the inconvenience.)

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The Truth Is Out(let)

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(I work for a specialty clothing store that also has an outlet branch. We carry completely different inventory; the outlet carries items from two or three years prior. Returns and exchanges can’t be made between the main store and outlet items. Customers who don’t read their receipt often get upset by that policy, but usually accept it.)

Customer: “I’d like to return these; they’re the wrong size.”

Me: “I’d love to help, but your receipt shows that these came from the outlet. They’d have to be returned to an outlet location.” *proceeds to offer closest locations*

Customer: “That’s stupid; it’s the same place.”

Me: “I’m sorry. I know it’s a bit inconvenient. But our inventories are completely different; we aren’t able to return items we don’t carry in this store.”

Customer: “You’re just being stupid! Do the return; I want my money!”

Me: “Ma’am, the back of your receipt clearly says, ‘Can only be returned to outlet locations.'”

Customer: “WHERE DOES IT—”

(She suddenly saw the bold print saying exactly what I said. She snatched the receipt and stormed out.)

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