You Wouldn’t Think It Would Rock The Boat

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(I’m order-taking and cashing out drive-thru orders at a very well-known fast food chain. The order screen is on the east side of the building and the windows are on the north side, meaning once you’ve place your order, you need to make a corner to pay and pick up your food. So many times, somebody is pulling a trailer or boat behind their truck, places their order, and then realizes they can’t make the corner. When this happens, they CANNOT walk up to the window and pay. This is for their safety and ours. They HAVE to actually come inside and pay. I take someone’s order and it’s not until I look out the window that I see them pull into the parking lot with a large boat that I realize they can’t make the corner. The driver steps out of the car and begins walking up to the window.)

Me: “I’m sorry; you can’t walk up to the window. I need you to come inside to pay.”

Customer: “But my boat can’t make the corner.”

Me: “I know. I just need you to come into the lobby to pay.”

(He turned away annoyed, like I gave him some impossible task. He got back in his car and I thought he was either going to park or drive off, but instead he BACKED UP, got back in the drive-thru lane, and tried to make the corner again! This time he made it, we said nothing to each other as I took his payment, and he got his food and drove off. I will never understand why people go to such measures to avoid walking into the lobby.)

The Jon Snow Burger: For Those Who Know Nothing

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(I’m a manager at a very popular fast food restaurant. One of the cashiers comes up to me and says there’s a complaint. Being the manager, I go to the customer to handle it. The customer is already angry, and is more or less yelling everything.)

Customer: “There’s hardly anything on this cheeseburger! I want you to make it again! And I’m not paying extra!”

(Initially assuming the cheeseburger was made wrong, I apologize and go to throw it away. As I’m taking it back, I open it up and check it. It’s made perfectly. I go back to the customer.)

Me: “I’m sorry; I’m not sure what you need. This cheeseburger has everything it’s supposed to. Did you want a different sandwich?”

Customer: *pointing to the menu on the wall* “I want one of those!”

(The menu is digital and the pictures change. It does tend to show mostly fancier sandwiches, but they are labelled.)

Me: *glancing to the changing picture* “…did you want [sandwich that happens to be on the screen this second]?”

Customer: *as the picture continues to change* “I want what’s on the screen!”

(It’s at this point, I realize he has no idea what he wants, and is mad that his cheeseburger wasn’t as fancy as some of our other sandwiches.)

Me: “I’d be happy to get you what you want. The picture changes to show a variety of our sandwiches.” *I begin naming each sandwich as it appears on the screen.*

Customer: “Forget it! I’m never coming back to this [Restaurant] again!”

(I’m not sure what he expected. It’s a fast food place; a regular cheeseburger is the exact same in every one!)